Wyze Bulb Strobe Flash Blink Feature

Thanks pbravin! I agree 100% that the lights will need to go back to the previous state once the ‘blinking’ action is complete. Appreciate your feedback!


I only use or need white bulb flashing. Notification for deaf person or remote notification like if someone occupies an area a light would then flash elsewhere, or a buzzer would sound intermittently, for security reasons. basically to on-off-on-off to a plug or bulb If an event happened is my use. A light could be made to flash if low or high temperatures were sensed by a network device.

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there are also many ways to do it…rather than please everyone at the first turn, lets do it in nibbles as an enhancement down the road

length of strobe flashes 5,10,15

time between flashes .5, 1, 1.5, 3 seconds

intensity of flash…soft, strong


At minimum:

  • 100% brightness
  • 1 Hz flash frequency
  • 0.2 second flash/pulse duration
  • selectable feature on time (HH:MM:SS)
  • selectable color

And most important… tied to Rules (Shortcut, Schedule, Trigger, Location), AI types and ability to apply to Bulb groups. If you don’t tie this feature to Rules, we’d have to manually turn the feature on/off, which would make this feature more of a gimmick than a smart-home innovation.

I’d use this feature primarily to grab my attention to an AI-type of interest when my hearing is overwhelmed with noise (machinery, music, etc.), need to respond to sensor threshold (leak, climate, entry, motion), as a security deterrent, 1st responder alert and drive the wife crazy. I’d love to see selectable flash frequency and flash/pulse duration, but 1 Hz/0.2 second is a good starting point as that is similar to ADA compliance and fire codes.

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I was one of the original requesters for this feature. I had a few applications for this option. My goals would be the following:

  1. To alert a deaf person in the event of:

    a. A smoke or fire alarm alert.
    b. The ringing of a doorbell or telephone.

  2. General applications.

    a. To alert if garage door or other door left open.
    b. To alert temperature drop in fridge or freezer

These could be done with a white or color bulb.



I’m late to this party but I would gladly take a simple implementation of 5 blinks at a fixed color temp if that could be released quickly. I think this would cover the vast majority of use cases.

If that could be implemented in a way so the backend was present for more advanced settings once a UI was developed that would be fantastic.

i.e. Release a simple UI for triggering 5 blinks at color setting/color temp of X and then return to pre-blink state but build it so the variables below could be set by the user in the future after a UI can be developed and tested.

  • Some potential variables:
  • Blink timing, brightness level and color sequence (100ms on red at 100%, 100ms off, 200ms on green at 50%, 200ms off, 1000ms on blue at 25%, 1000ms off, 1000ms on pink at 100%). [Just like R2D2 people can recognize sequences pretty quickly after some training]
  • Number of times to repeat the sequence, including indefinitely.

Then with that framework Wyze can give us some simple presets initially (even just one) and then release quickly. Fingers crossed! :smiley:

Example of a 5 blink preset sequence:

  1. 1000ms on [color variable] at 100%
  2. 1000ms off
  3. repeat 4x more times.
  4. Return to state before blinking.

I think the future proofing would be really worthwhile. You probably figured all of this out already so I’m hoping to emphasize, with my contribution, the idea that we don’t need a full implementation to enjoy a blink feature right now. (and… I realized a little too late this is tagged ‘testing’ so it’s probably already built! lol. sorry)

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I love the idea of triggering it by sensors, especially for people with hearing issues.

Selfishly, my wife and I would just like to have our own disco party while listening to music. No time limit just a gradient random come change our stove effect until I told it to change to it’s normal (or any other color).


Hello Mike,
I’ve never browsed the ‘RoadMap’ until yesterday. Glad to see the ‘Blink’ Feature is being worked on.

In my case, I have four Wyze Color Lights in a ceiling fan that is located centrally in the house where I can see it from most rooms.


I have rules as follows using those four lights (as well as two Wyze Strip Lights)

Garage Door open greater than 5 Mins (detected by Wyze Entry Sensor): all 4 Wyze Color Lights in the Ceiling Fan turn on 100% Red, Both Strip Lights On to Red, and Wyze Plug v2 turns on Headboard light in the Bedroom.

That’s one example where Flashing lights would be my preference. I’d leave them on until dismissed by me from Alexa: (Alexa: Turn off all Blinking Lights or something along those lines) Or set to turn off after 5 minutes, or turn off when garage door is closed.

I have Wyze Entry Sensors on my main Refrigerator and the Refrigerator in the Garage. Entry Sensor detects ‘open’ for greater than 2 minutes: I light up the 'East and West Wyze Color Lights in the Ceiling Fan ‘cluster’ If it’s the Garage Refrigerator that has a door open, it’s the North & South Wyze Color Lights that turn on to alert me.

All four Ceiling Fan lights turn off after 45 seconds by Wyze Rules once turned on (these lights never get used as normal lights, only for notifications)

The Ceiling Fan ‘cluster’ lights are also used in rules to alert me of "Pet detected’ or “Person Detected” on any of my V3’s or WCO’s placed outside the house, for example: If a V3 or WCO in the back yard detects a Pet, the South Light turns on to Green (goes off 45 seconds later). If a Person is detected, that same light turns on to Red, and then off in 45 seconds)

When I see the South Light turn Green, followed by the East light turning Green, I know which direction the resident wildlife is headed (Coyotes, Possum, Raccoons, Rats & Mice, etc)

The Wyze Video Doorbell turns on the South light when it detects a person or package (off 45 seconds later.

Mailbox on the street, has a Wyze Motion Sensor in it: Open the mailbox door, motion sensed. the Fan Cluster lights all turn on to yellow, and off 45 seconds later. (Alexa says “You’ve Got Mail” at the same time.

I’ve other rules that make use of the Cluster of lights. For some of my rules, it would be best for them to Flash any of my Wyze Color Lights, Strip Lights, or lights connected to my Wyze Plugs.

Basically Scenarios where I need to take action to correct the issue:
Refrigerator is open for greater than 2 mins (Entry Sensor V2)
Garage Door is open for greater than 5 mins (Entry Sensor V2)
Back Door is open for greater than 3 mins (Entry Sensor V2)

I’m sure there are many other ways the flashing lights could be utilized.


The best way I’ve found to flash lights (and do all most anything else) is to use Home Assistant and Zigbee devices. No monthly subscriptions, works without Internet, and is free open source. It can even run as a virtual machine. I’ve been using it for about 6 months, and now I’m giving away all my Wyze devices.

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Not working as expected with the new Wyze Battery Cam.

I’ve been using this feature for nearly a year with Wyze Outdoor Cam V2 to blink my lights when a person is at my door (both for security and because I often don’t hear the knocking). It was working almoat perfectly but with a 30 second delay. Not terrible. I could usually yell out the door if the person left and they’d come back.

Ever since I upgraded my camera to the new Wyze Battery Cam, the blink feature has been severely delayed at times. It seems that the blink will only actuate after the motion event has completely ended. So, if someone is standing at my door for 5 minutes, the lights won’t blink until they’ve walked away (roughly 5 mins and 15 seconds later)…


(shortening the recording length of my camera is not an option rn due to preexisting security concerns that need to be fully recorded and I’d rather not downgrade back to the WOC2 because the live view never loaded properly for me)