Multiple (4) Bulbs on one Fixture [glitching out]

The fixture over my kitchen island has 4 pendant lights. This fixture is controlled by a single dimmer switch. I taped the dimmer to its highest setting before inserting the Wyze bulbs.

Based on numerous tests, I have determined the fixture is fully functional with three Wyze Color Bulbs. Even the dimmer on the switch can effortlessly operate all 3 bulbs in sync. When the fourth bulb is added, all four lights go haywire. They will turn off and on randomly, flicker, become unresponsive, become offline and eventually switch to setup mode.

I’ve ran quite a few expierments and consistently delivered the same result. Everything works compeltely fine with only 3 bulbs, but when the fourth bulb is screwed in the other bulbs start acting crazy.

Has anyone expierenced success with 4+ bulbs on one fixture?

Dimmers are not supported for Wyze bulbs, and will damage the bulb. Even when at the highest setting, it’s not delivering the stable power the bulbs need. You will not receive any support if your using bulbs in this configuration. Please replace the switch with a standard switch, and make sure all bulbs are still functional, as some may be damaged from being used on the dimmer.

I’ve four wyze color bulbs setup in a Ceiling fan (no dimmer switch involved), and they all work very well (they are used as 'nofifications" for various rules from Wyze Cameras, Wyze Motion Sensors & Entry Sensors deployed through out the house and outside the house:


I did install bulbs on circuits with dimmer switches, and experienced all sorts of wonkiness.

I replaced the switch with a non dimmer light switch, and wonkiness went away.



The flickering issue was definitely fixed after changing the dimmer. Now, the light fixture is definitely functional.

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