Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

Thank you for creating the polls. The most important rule creation option to add, for me, is to turn on/off sound detection. If turning on/off motion detection is already an option then sound detection should be too. I want to be able to turn off sound detection when I’m working from home but keep the camera and motion detection on. Thank You!

I would love to see a trigger based on a notification received on my cell/tablet.

Garage door will try to close after being left open X minutes

Option to have a garage door that is left open to try after X minutes to close.

Ability to activate custom scenes for lights using rules. The ability to have Alexa do this would also be great!


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Lights Can be set to Flash, Groups of Lights cannot be set to Flash

I can set individual Wyze Bulb Colors to use the “Flash” action when creating a Rule, but I cannot do so for a Group of Wyze Bulb Colors

Same for my Wyze Light Strips

Please add the ability to have a group of lights to have the action: Flash



Do you know how to add voting buttons for this one? How stupid simple would this be to add, right??

Toggle on\off for Switch Additional Controls

I would like a TOGGLE option for On\Off when a multi-press of a Swich


Turn off LED display via rules or the app slider

Allow the slider inside the app to turn off LED display. And add an option in rules to turn off the LED display without changing to sleep mode.

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Like to be able to run a rule shortcut that turns all valid devices into vacation mode (or takes them out of vacation mode).


Got it. :+1:

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I use rules to set the monitoring and notification settings on my Wyze Cams for when I am home vs away and it works great.
I’ve noticed that while I can toggle “Record Motion Events”, I cannot toggle “Record Sound Events”.
It would be very useful to have this ability to set in rules as I do not want to record motion or sound when im home, rather only when im away. Without being able to create such a rule, I need to toggle sound detection on and off manually for each of 7 cameras… quite tedious.
Please help Wyze! :slight_smile:

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Requested Rule Actions:
Turn on/off sound detection

I was hoping that these new color BR30 bulbs would have the same capabilities as the original color bulb. Just a heads up for everyone. As of this posting the following actions are missing:

Turn on for
Turn Sun Match On
Turn Sun Match Off

I use the “Turn on for” function to turn off the original color bulbs after X amount of time. I hit my shortcut button (while the original color bulbs are already on) within the app before going to bed. The original color bulbs then turn off X minutes later. Hopefully the missing actions are added soon to the BR30 color bulb.

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I think it is complete hog wash that my post above was merged into this “wish list” thread. The fact is the new color bulbs DO NOT function the same as the original color bulbs. Is that not worthy of a thread of its own? It is as if the forum moderator is trying to burry the fact that the new R30 bulbs do not work the same as the original color bulbs. As far as I’m concerned @Omgitstony is overstepping.

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agreed. anything that is not related gets merged into one extreme long one nonsense thread instead of its own thread apart from anything else, every different title gets merged into wishlist totally. mod need to do a better job! i believe this same mod does every post into one wishlist of all of them. instead of being in correct place, they all get thrown into one wishlist instead of in own group of proper placement.


To add a bit more, i would like the ability to select a scene for a rule.
I already saved several scenes with colors match and i like (having the same scene for a different bulb, is another #wishlist), but being able to select one of the scenes to turn on by a rule would be very simple if implemented.

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Strip light pro using scenes in rules. :blue_square::red_square::yellow_square::green_square:

Please provide the ability to set the colour to a ‘scene in rules. For the strip lights pro. ‘ I have scene on pro light set to have a portion blue, red, yellow & green. I would like to schedule it to turn on in evening for Christmas display.


this was probably a good idea when Wyze first started it. A 100 wishes combined kind of loses momentum and ability to track progress.

I can see grouping the requests by product category such as webcams and then lights, and then sensors … maybe…

I do realize that this has been discussed too many times before but hey it is a wish !!

I would like to be able to watch or track the items related to my wishlist, but it seems as it is, I think I have to now see all items related to any changes in the Wyze rules wish list which sends a lot of emails :e-mail: :e-mail: :e-mail: :e-mail: :e-mail: :e-mail: :e-mail: :e-mail: :e-mail:weekly…


Allow you to press the same button on the switch to turn off and on the plug

I thin adding the ability to turn on/off a wyze plug with the same button press rather than a double press for “on” and a triple press for “off” would make the switch perfect.

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Toggle on/off state (all Wyze IOT devices)

A strip light pro is equivalent to several color light bulbs.

It would be helpful if multi-bulb scenes would work on light strip pro.