How to get a Wyze bulb to flash repeatedly

As part of a security system, can anyone help figure out a way to get a Wyze bulb to flash repeatedly when Wyze contact sensors open, or Wyze motion sensors detect motion?

Welcome to the forums! That feature is not included with the bulbs. There is a wishlist item currently, so vote and help it along to possibly be a future addition!


just saw your comment/post! im not only one! :slight_smile: i hope my own post get approved and if it does, please vote my post!

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Just last night I was making an alexa routine to flash some bulbs,.although not very fast. Quickest actions can happen is every 5 secs.

interesting! how fo you make alexa do this even tho alexa is voice activated. No Deaf can speak to alexa and we cant hear it saying stuff. i apologize for this :slight_smile:

You don’t need speech or hearing to configure or run Alexa routines. Just run the app and go to More, Routines.

You can add, edit, and RUN them directly there, entirely by finger. The triggers can be things other than speech.

thanks for the tip! will try it!

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