2.30 app Beta Test 3/31/2022


  • Android: 2.30.0.b118
  • iOS: 2.30.0(3)

What’s New:

  • Added an option to record “AI events only” to give more control over what Events are stored on the cloud
  • Added support for Sound AI notifications.
  • Added support for Temperature Unit Control for Wyze Climate Sensor
  • Re-designed the interface for Event Recording Settings
  • Re-designed the interface for Smart Detection settings
  • Re-designed the interface for Device Notification Settings.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented receiving notifications when sharing Wyze Home Monitoring (Android)
  • Fixed a crash issue on the Account tab (Android)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sharing Wyze Home Monitoring (iOS)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented creating a new scene when using color scene for Wyze Light Strip (iOS)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Wyze Light Strip to stop executing sleep routines (iOS)

When I go to Event recording and go back to live view, the cam is frozen. We can see the bitrates changing but the time is frozen. If you step back to the first page, the cam stucks at step3. This is the same in grouping or not.

Tried 2 V3s and 1 V2.

Firmware V2:
Application: 2.30.0(a3)

Just tried another V2 with and a Panv1 with the same issue

:round_pushpin::round_pushpin::round_pushpin::round_pushpin:I have reinstalled the 2.29.1(a6) and same issue with the Event Recording section. :thinking::round_pushpin::round_pushpin::round_pushpin::round_pushpin:

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Same here, bitrate changes but feed is frozen

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I also do not see any changes with the 3 pages listed as “redesigned” on my v3 or outdoor cams, so not sure what’s up with that.

1 bug:
In the notification page, (this may also apply to prod) it says at the bottom “you must enable event recording” even though it is enabled. This happens to all my cams.

EDIT: just realized that event recording thing means for the sound notifications, which I had disabled. Makes sense, but you may wanna make that more clear in the message.

Info text error:
On the notification page info icon, it says for person detection toggle: “We will notify you about any AI events you have enabled on your device.” Not sure if the person detection label just needs to be changed or what.



thanks for your feedback. We will work to fix it ASAP.

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Thanks for the feedback on release notes. Some of the changes mentioned there regarding redesign are only released to a few testers since those are dependent on Firmware version.
In the official release, we will take a note to remove those from release notes until the feature is available for all the customers.


Just installed the new version 2.30.0(a7). The problem of the camera freezing when leaving Event Recordind is still present but in addition, instead of freezing 1 camera, it does it on the others. In addition, no need to go in Event Recording to make them freeze.

How to remove the banner on the first page?


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Hi Gyzmo, thanks for your feedback. We are working on the video freezing issue. And I will also notify the stakeholder for the banner feature.

For the banner on the home page, please swipe it left to dismiss it. Try it and let me know if it does not work.

Best wishes,



Yes, it is working. Thanks for the hints. It can be removed for up to 1 month. :slightly_smiling_face:

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