Firmware Releases - 3/22/2023

Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam Pan v2, Wyze Cam OG, and Wyze Switch all have updates today! The Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Cam Pan v2 updates are being released gradually. These improve video recording stability, video playing ability, connectivity, image quality, and updating along with other bug fixes like addressing Error Code 3001. :partying_face:

Wyze Cam v3:
Wyze Cam Pan v2:
Wyze Cam OG: 1.0.63
Wyze Switch: 1.2.25

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


I just updated a v3 which previously had firmware So far AI is accurately tagging Persons. I will report back in a couple of days to see if the skipping / freezing video was fixed.


Is this v3 FW update the one that fixes the 90 gb limit on micro sd cards?

The new v3 firmware still skips the first minute of each hour when playing back SD card Continuous Recordings.

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Yeah, this was expected as 5 days ago they told us the following:

So the next update should include that fix :+1:


Is this v3 FW update the one that fixes the 90 gb limit on micro sd cards?

My V3’s are not on this new version yet - they are still on version

I have 128 GB SD cards in all of them, and the app reports that there is 110.09 GB full out of 118.23 GB total capacity (they are all a bit different, but within 1 GB of these values).

Mine don’t seem to have a 90 GB limit.


Has anyone updated their Wyze Cam V3 to this new firmware? Especially those with floodlights? My V3s have been working pretty decently on Cam Plus Lite, so I don’t want to jeopardize them until I hear some positive feedback from others.

I updated one v3 camera to the new firmware and the skipping freezing video seems to be fixed. I have other v3 cameras on firmware that say it is up to date. WyzeJasonJ in the first post did state it will be a gradual release. So far I am happy with this new v3 firmware. I am on CPL and no floodlights


Does this v3 FW update increase the accessories connectivity?

All 4.36.10.xxxx versions of the firmware have the fix to allow 256GB cards to record to capacity.

It has been a long time coming to get cams up to current. Hopefully the gradual release will progress quickly!


yet over on reddit a new release is announced also

Wyze Cam v3 :


What’s New:

Fixed a bug that caused Playback to skip the first minute of every hour

Fixed a bug that caused Playback to stutter for the first few seconds when opened

Added support for automatic updates

Due to the security improvement on this firmware, you will need to go through the factory reset process for your camera if you go back to firmware or below.

This is confusing to have releases so close together, especially one that requires factory reset if it goes wrong.

2 Likes is the latest public firmware release for the v3. is the latest Beta v3 firmware release.

I believe both require a factory reset is you want to go back to

I updated one v3 to this week and so far it is working great.


Sorry, missed the beta factor.

That was my main concern and did not see that in this thread.


Yes. All new versions of the firmware for most of the cams are requiring a factory reset if reverted back to older versions. The V3 started that with any 4.36.10.xxxx varieties. It has something to do with the new security protocols they put in the Firmware


i have 2 v3 pro cam and it might be a coinsidence but since the update the v3 pro smart ui detection no longer show on the recent event page but it records on the sd card. if i switch smart detect and put in on all motion event then it record to sd card as well but then it makes a note on the recent event page but since its on record all event and not the smart now it dont put the icon if its a car, person etc.

any one else have this happen ? or is there a setting im not aware of

I’m a bit confused. There is no V3Pro update in the releases announced by this thread. The last V3Pro Release was on December 12, 2022. There is, however, a current Beta FW being Tested for the V3Pro, v4.58.1.3468

I am running the Beta Firmware on a Cam Plus V3Pro and all Recent Events are showing in the Live Stream UI with the appropriate Smart AI tag icons. However, I always have mine set to Record All Motion, not limiting it to Smart AI recording only.

i must have mixed the firmware from my v3 then. not that i used the smart ai filter much was just something i tried when i got the v3 pro. i tend to also keep it on all motion and ajust the motion detection sensibility. i keep it at 50 dont really know how to set it right. dont want to set it to high so it dont catch everything lke a branch moving along but not to low so it dont catch a person walking by. whats a good in between ?

Completely dependant on the Field of View and distance at which you want it to trigger. Completely case use driven. I have mine on a tight FOV where there are no environmental conditions to cause false motion activations so I have it set to max.

I tried to update one of my v3s from to and it went offline - restarting did not fix. I manually flashed back to 9.139 (again).