When is next Wyze V3 Cam Firmware Releasing?

Several of my V3’s Cams are stuck on Firmware V4.36.9.139 while the rest of my cameras are using I know the latest version is frozen right now, but when will it be corrected and released?

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Version: for the V3 is in Beta testing, was released 12/9/2022

If it survives Beta testing then it will be released.


Thanks much! How would I find that information?

Watch this link for Wyze firmware updates (scroll down to v3). When firmware moves out of beta testing, it should be listed here.

You could join the Beta and get it yourself.

Here is the Beta Release Thread where Beta testers are posting feedback for

All new Production Firmware Releases are posted to the Wyze News #news Category. You can set your status for the category to Watching First Post and be notified by email whenever a new firmware version is released.

All new Beta Firmware Releases are announced in the Beta Category #beta

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Recoil, here is another thread to be watching. Wyze app 2.38 and Wyze Cam v3 Firmware - Released 12/15/22

Thank you! I have 3 cameras still on Those won’t update to the new version. My other cameras have. Do I have to totally reset these?

I believe build 3406 fixes problems with 2864. Otherwise, Wyze wants v3 cameras to stay on for now.

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I only have two v3 cams and they’re both still on

Today is January 8, 2023. The message dated November 2, 2022 on the firmware updates page said they’re releasing it over “two weeks.” That time has elapsed and much more.

@WyzeJasonJ @WyzeGwendolyn please sort this out, the firmware updates page is a MESS and clearly both out-of-date and incorrect.

When can I expect to get the firmware update for the v3??

The firmware updates page is correct and in reverse chronological order. The Cam v3 firmware you are referencing was halted due to issues:

The next Cam v3 firmware is undergoing beta testing. It will be pushed out to the public when known issues are resolved.

Wyze Cam v3 & Pan v2 Firmware Beta Test 12/13/2022

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Why would you want this? FW is the latest stable release. The two other releases and were unstable and Wyze pulled the plug on them. Careful what you wish for.