What bug fix is the wyze cam v3, beta firmeware Beta

What bug fix is in the wyze cam v3, beta firmeware Beta (release June/01/2021) ?



Please let us know what has been changed on this update.

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  • Last update bricked one of my V3 / I have replacement request into support as still under warranty

  • One upgraded fine with this version

  • Two others failed. I had to physically power cycle them and then update took

  • The fourth today looks like the other two but will need to power cycle it before another upgrade attempt as at a remote location


I wish they put the firmware updated log about what the firmware is fixing before we upgrade :slight_smile:


me too! It’s a pain to find the article mentioning it!


Power cycled that fourth camera

  • Update process must have blown the Wifi config so had to re-associate camera

  • I was then able to update the firmware

These last two V3 updates have been problematic for me.

I need to remind myself to only update cameras when I am on-prem unless issue is a show stopper. I had gotten a little careless just updating everything because my updates had been so reliable. I realize it is beta so need to treat updating them that way as well.


I see you posted about the update at about 3 AM PST (Wyze’s local time). I’m guessing the firmware is released at the beginning of the day(Wyze’s time) automatically. Employees probably (and rightfully so) aren’t up posting updates at 3 in the morning.
I’d suggest not updating until you see post about it in the #beta section from a Wyze employee.


I’m not sure if it was realised at 3;00 am , i don’t have notification “on” on my app or cell. I just went to check my camera because i heard some noise on back porch, when i open the app early this morning, it said that they were a new Beta firmware available.

Then maybe it took me about 30 minute to decided to post on Wyze Beta Forum
Hopely the Adminastrator post the the bug fix for this version [Beta]

I updated all 5 of my camera’s without issues. But I always clear the Cache from within the app and on Android, from the App Icon itself as well. I also do a force stop of the app. then go in and start each camera one at a time to make sure they come up. If the Kb/s goes to 0, I do a restart on the camera itself.

I would recommend trying the clear cache options as well.

Everything worked for me.


I didn’t do the upgrade, waiting to see the bug fix, they’ll probably post it soon… Imo

I put on my cowboy hat and hit that update button no matter what!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Press buttons… ask questions later.!!!

– insert Dr. Strangelove Slim Pickens gif here


Loved this! HAHA

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Looks like this firmware was pulled.
I didnt do the update and now Im not seeing the option for it.

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Same here, the firmware is not available anymore

Maybe the release was done by mistake. Even more of a reason to be careful when updating to beta firmware.


Well, I did it. :slight_smile: so far things are working for me. fingers crossed it is not a huge issue.


Just like the Vacuum firmware maybe

Replacement V3 showed up today. I need to send the defective one back on Monday. Very happy with WYZE customer support on this.


RTSP for the V3 - don’t forget that lie you told us…


RTSP for V3, don’t know anything about that…