Wyze - v3 - firmware - issues

Looks like I will be flashing about 3 or 4 (1/3) of my V3s back as this update wasn’t successful and offline. I even have them on Wyze plugs in case they just need a power cycle… no dice…

IMO: tread lightly on this one

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I just flashed 8 v3’s without issue. But I know what you are saying as I have had issues in the past. Now I do one or two at a time.

No issues on my end.

Waiting for the full release notes. However, a quick look shows they added the Floodlight to the accessories menu area of the settings

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Five V3 cameras updated without issue.

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Looks like out of 12 v3

  • 3 will need to be re-flashed as offline… just hoping they aren’t bricked

  • 2 won’t update but are still online… leave well enough alone there

  • 7 upgraded fine

I just did our firmware on 12 V3 and had no issues

I thought I was safe too just doing a couple at a time… early ones worked fine so thought I was in the clear.

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Did you do a release upgrade?

I notice you don’t have the beta badge

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 1.59.06 PM

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We did all at one time our site technicians did it

There is a prod release of the app as well. I did mine. So far things are working. :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing anomalies either with new app. Many of mine have the spotlight but only one that went offline did so nothing related there.

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I have upgraded both of my v3 cams without issue. I didn’t notice that one of the cams took longer and didn’t come back online for a few minutes after the other cam was done. I thought I was going to have to power cycle it but it came back online.

Its allways best if you have an issue to do a hard reboot

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Unfortunately that option doesn’t appear to be the cure in my case.

I won’t know the post mortem until Monday. 2 won’t flash and leaving them as is… the other two affected are DOA after hard reboots… just hoping they can be re-flashed and aren’t bricked.

Are your cameras under warranty if so do a warranty replacement at Wyze

Fortunately under warranty if they are bricked.

Copy,so your stats light is flashing yellow/blue

This first camera I am looking at appears to be bricked or really messed up

  • Flashed back to last release .17
    All acts normal in setup but camera never does go online to the app. I can watch it reboot over and over again while pinging it.

  • One of the models that wasn’t on a remote strip did flash after a hard reboot.

  • I 'm assuming until I know tomorrow the other V3 is hosed as well