Wyze Cam v3 firmware Beta Test 11/11/2021



Wyze Cam v3:

  • Fixed a bug preventing Wyze Home Monitoring compatibility

  • Bug fixes

Wyze Lamp Socket:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented restart logs from generating

  • Fixed a bug preventing status updates in the Home tab

  • Fixed a bug that impacted turning on night vision after it was turned off for a long time

  • Stability improvements

Wyze Cam Floodlight:

  • Algorithm improvements

  • Improved 2-way audio

  • Adjusted default settings

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Just updated my 2 V3s from to without issues.

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Updated 8 v3’s no issues. Also got the latest App release. So far so good.


2 of my v3’s updated no problem. The rest are not plugged in as I’m moving and setting them up. Will report back if I notice any issues.


Guess I should have avoided this one. Not real happy with 2MORE bricked V3s.

What are you experiencing when you say bricked? Offline message, error code, etc?

Have you tried the typical steps like Removing power and plugging it back in?

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Yes, have powered cycle all of them. Don’t even get status lights at this point. I have to get out a 24 foot ladder to remove them but I fear they’re pretty much done.

Error code 90

We shall see….

Sorry to hear that. Have you reached out to Wyze on this?

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What an absolute atrocious PITA this turned out to be. Got out the 24’ ladder and attempted a power cycle then a manual reboot at the first camera and it was completely unresponsive. Ended up removing the camera to see if I could manually flash the firmware and it was MOSTLY unresponsive. The red status light would turn on but it would NOT go into flash mode (Purple). After 3-4 attempts at this I just reverted to a factory reset which the camera would not acknowledge either. 3-4 attempts to reset the camera and I gave up ready to send it in for warranty issues. The status light NEVER showed anything but solid red IF it turned on at all. I gave up.

Approximate 30 minutes later with no interaction I heard the speaker on the camera click on and the red light started flashing. The camera then stated ready to pair…WTF.

The second camera did basically the same thing except when it finally decided to come back to life after 20 or so minutes it automatically paired up with no assistance or interaction. Again, WTF?

The crazy thing is both cameras have the latest BETA firmware installed on them and had managed to retain some but not all settings - Detection zones were correct but the sensitivities were set to Zero?

I’m at a loss how hard resets don’t do anything and the cameras somehow repaired themselves after extended periods of time without interaction. I never got the firmware to flash so how did they update? Why don’t they respond to a factory reset? I’m extremely nervous about the longevity of them now.

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