Wyze - v3 - firmware - issues

Five V3 cameras updated without issue.

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Looks like out of 12 v3

  • 3 will need to be re-flashed as offline… just hoping they aren’t bricked

  • 2 won’t update but are still online… leave well enough alone there

  • 7 upgraded fine

I just did our firmware on 12 V3 and had no issues

I thought I was safe too just doing a couple at a time… early ones worked fine so thought I was in the clear.

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Did you do a release upgrade?

I notice you don’t have the beta badge

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 1.59.06 PM

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We did all at one time our site technicians did it

There is a prod release of the app as well. I did mine. So far things are working. :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing anomalies either with new app. Many of mine have the spotlight but only one that went offline did so nothing related there.

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I have upgraded both of my v3 cams without issue. I didn’t notice that one of the cams took longer and didn’t come back online for a few minutes after the other cam was done. I thought I was going to have to power cycle it but it came back online.

Its allways best if you have an issue to do a hard reboot

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Unfortunately that option doesn’t appear to be the cure in my case.

I won’t know the post mortem until Monday. 2 won’t flash and leaving them as is… the other two affected are DOA after hard reboots… just hoping they can be re-flashed and aren’t bricked.

Are your cameras under warranty if so do a warranty replacement at Wyze

Fortunately under warranty if they are bricked.

Copy,so your stats light is flashing yellow/blue

This first camera I am looking at appears to be bricked or really messed up

  • Flashed back to last release .17
    All acts normal in setup but camera never does go online to the app. I can watch it reboot over and over again while pinging it.

  • One of the models that wasn’t on a remote strip did flash after a hard reboot.

  • I 'm assuming until I know tomorrow the other V3 is hosed as well

On the V3 bricked thread there was mention of using from late March,

That resurrected it… it will update to from late August but doesn’t see anything newer than that now

Well do a warranty replacement at Wyze

Got the other one back to… I’ll wait to see if camera is still held back after next beta firmware release.

Just an FYI, sometimes the Toggles and checkmarks are not correct. I would go to the Beta FW section of the app, Account, About Beta Program. Unselect all and save that, back out and the go back and select all or the ones you want and click on save and back out.

See if that will provide you with the Beta Firmware