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I’ve got three v3 cams that I am not able to upgrade the firmware beyond - they work great on that version but multiple update attempts have them showing offline. I plan to leave them on that version of firmware for quite a while but at some point I assume I’ll want/need to update them.
This has been happening since 4.36.10.xxx has been released.
Anyone know the trick to getting v3’s upgraded to 10.xxx ?
For now, I plan to leave them on 9.139 for a long time :slightly_smiling_face:

There are two options…

  1. Wait for the slow rollout release of the new firmware to reach you:
  1. Download the firmware and manually flash it.

I have a mixture of v3 cameras on and one on All are working great. When the .139 cameras are ready to update to .4054, I would be fine with that too. I am a firm believer in “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it”.

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Thanks SlabSlayer - v4.36.10.4054 was rolled out to my cam. When I upgraded my cam went offline and I was not able to get it back without manually downgrading to 9.139.
When you suggest flashing firmware manually are you saying that manually upgrading to 10.4054 would work differently than the automatic process ?

There have been multiple reports of the new firmware knocking cams offline.

Please follow the link to the Firmware Release Thread and report this there. It is very important that Wyze receive that feedback. With the number of cams experiencing this, I wouldn’t doubt that it may again get halted. It is important to mention how you updated: from a pop-up when opening the cam, from the cam Device Info page, or from the Firmware Bulk Update page.

The issue may be with an incomplete update or due to the new security bits in the .10 FW or may be that it is trying to step it too far. Who knows.

After the update, and the cam did not come back online, did you do a factory reset on the new FW and a new setup routine? That would be my first step.

If that didn’t work, I would immediately try to flash the same version. If it works, the problem was most likely with the file transfer protocol not delivering or unpacking the entire package. The flash update and the OTA update can have different success rates.

If it didn’t work, I would then try to flash the other .10 variety before flashing back to .9

If the other .10 variety works, I would then try to OTA to the newer version again and then flash to see if it will take. If so, it would indicate that the new update may be stepping too far in one update.

SlabSlayer - thanks for all the info. I’ll report my experience to Wyze…

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