Are older wyze cam v3s firmware locked?

I have some that are on and others that are on . The 139s claim they are up-to-date and do not need updates

Search the forum for information why…

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See this post. Still current.


Thanks Slabslayer, I’ll leave it alone then for now and see. The current android app doesn’t jive well with, unfortunately. The stream just locks up when I go to it from the camera group. I have to do this stupid minimize and reopen app thing to force the stream to work. Very annoying

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It is a very odd situation.

4.36.10,3406 is public release FW available for download and manual flash for anyone who wants it. It is also available for OTA for any cams on 4.36.10.xxxx prior versions.

I’m not sure what the super long delay is in getting it out to everyone else.

I am running on handfuls of V3 with no real operational issues. I recently added 7 and immediately flashed every one out of the box.

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