Beta App 2.20.50 No longer Offers Ability to Revert to Prior Versions of Firmware

Beta App (Android) v2.20.50 no longer offers an option to revert to a prior version of firmware for either WyzeCam v2 or WyzeCam v3 cameras.

Is this an intentional change or an “issue” with the Beta App?

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Personally, I removed the beta app and am no longer participating. I had several issues and had to go through extra hoops because I was on Beta.

If there were some benefits that offset the occasional issues, then I would have been less likely to stop participating.

Thinking this may be f/w e.g. Cam v2 (August 31, 2020)
Note: This version was added to give customers an option for flashing back firmware to a previous version. Older firmware versions are being removed from this page because they are incompatible with newer Wyze Cams and would break a newer camera if applied.

I noticed this “issue” when I updated several WyzeCam v2 cameras to the latest fw ( It seems like the night vision is darker and I wanted to revert to the previous fw to check whether it was. The previous version installed on the camera was the most recent fw before

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