New Firmware issue

Updated New Firmware caused Motion Sensor offline and could not convert back to

No 174 available for my V2.

Beta firmware? is currently beta firmware and should be talked about in the beta area. I have moved it to the beta area for that reason.

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This version of firmware is extremely buggy. I was hoping there is a way to roll it back without using the sd card.

In the beta app there is a option to downgrade
Downgraded. Let’s see how it goes

How to downgrade?

Mine does not have the message " Have problem ? " What can I do ?

The ‘Have Problem?’ is only there in the Beta version of the app.

Do you think I am lying?

I have 3 cameras. But one of them has firmware and saying " up to date" no message " have problem". I don’t think Wyze cam v2 is a good now. Please do something to fix.

DOWNLOAD the BETA version of the APP. Then you will find the “ have problem “ option

No new Wyze cam v2 beta app available.

Why you don’t take the beta application you used to update your cams firmwares?

I don’t think he wants our help

Use the current beta. You can then overwrite it with the latest current non beta version after the firmware downgrades

I have already installed wyze beta. Why do you keep talking about beta version.
What do I need is what I said.

For the last time. Do you have THIS BETA VERSION installed via the TESTFLIGHT App ??

THIS IS WHAT I USED TO DOWNGRADE. PERSON DETECTION IS WORKING VERY WELL WITH V .156 Cam Firmware and the official latest version of the Wyze App

I could not find this version in Google play. It should be for IOS, not for Android . Mine is Android Version 2.13.119 . Thanks

I see the option to downgrade via the beta version of the Wyze app on both Android and iOS devices I have. You are just not reading things correctly with what app version you actually have installed and comparing that to what people in the thread are telling you. 2.13.119 is a public release and not a beta release despite you telling people you have the beta installed.

On Android and iOS, if the app does not say “WyzeBeta” just like that, you don’t have the beta version. On iOS, the beta app is installed through the TestFlight app found on the App Store.