New Beta firmware for Pan and v2 launched on 6/29 (Paused)

Hi, Beta testers, hope you are having a great weekend, we just released new firmware on Pan ( and Cam v2 (, which improved the person detection algorithm and accuracy, alongside some minor bugs fixed.
Please let us know if you have any issues on the latest firmware, especially the detection accuracy and other issues on the camera stability. Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you very much.


grrrr right after I get to work…im going to have to wait a whole day to try it out lol

Any word on iOS 13 beta compatibility? The app is all kinds of messed up.

Nothing yet using the beta app detecting the new beta firmware versions. Still shows up to date for Pan and Cam V2.

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Should we expect a pending update to Bridge firmware to complement the new Pan and V2 firmware??

Same here w/ beta app

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After upgrading Wyze Cam Pan firmware to, ANY attempt at movement causes app to crash to a black screen.

How do I get back to the previous version???


After upgrade to just released for pans and V2:

  1. none of the Pan cams will now return to detection position. This has been a long standing problem which had finally resolved with recent upgrades and now is back.
  2. All cams are catching person sitings but still giving false alarms
  3. one V2, which was unplugged during batch upgrade, will not upgrade. Tried restart, power cycle and turn off /on to no avail.

Check individual camera
Device Settings–>Device info–>Firmware Upgrade->Have Problem

On my (which still says (“Your firmware is up to date”)) I’ve 3 Reversion options (YEAH!!).

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Just says I’m running the latest firmware. Stuck on .90

Have used the the option to revert to last version but Pan cam still won’t return to detection position. Looked to revert to 1 step earlier but only option was upgrade. Did that and three option revert is back!
Now reverting to 2nd oldest version.

Hey @WyzeRoy why are some people able to update and some of us stuck on .90 with no update options?



Betas been paused. Update next week.


OK, I successfully downgraded to… My Wyzecam Pan is back working again… No more Beta firmware for me.


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Same problem /question, except all of my cams upgraded but one. It’s stuck and won’t budge. All V2’s.

I feel lucky that when I first went to upgrade the software wouldn’t :slight_smile:


Here’s one for the books. Upgraded pan 4 cams. everything worked but return to motion detection.
Decided to revert one to working version. Went back thru all 3 options under the ‘have a problem’ with no success.
Wound up reflashing to the last version on the support page. It worked
Here’s the odd thing - now all 4 cams work, 3 under the latest and the one under the old version.

My Pan fw is It does not show that new fw is available. My V2’s fw is I am not seeing an fw update available for these either.

One of mine did the same thing. Another person posted that she just kept trying and eventually it took After about thirty tries I gave up
I tried power cycle, re -install, and eventually wound up having to do a factory reset followed by reflashing an older version of firmware, Then the cam itself upgraded to the new firmware.
All is well now. Hope you don’t have to go that far, but that is a road that worked.

Note to Wyze: firmware upgrades/downgrades definitely needs to change.

They should be easier and from within the app on both production and Beta.

Using the SD card for any firmware upgrade/downgrade should be a last resort, like when the cam is bricked. So, keep that.

Normal upgrades/downgrades should be available from within the production app, and normal upgrades/downgrades PLUS Beta upgrades/downgrades should be available from within the Beta app.