New Beta firmware released: Cam Pan (, Cam v2 (

Notes from Tao: Currently, the firmware has person detection only. We have a new algorithm come out soon to cover both person and vehicle. ETA is less than a week.

Dear testers, we released new firmware for Cam v2 and Pan to improve the accuracy of person & vehicle AI, here are the release notes, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback, thank you very much. Have a great night!

Wyze Cam v2

  • Updated the ‘Person and Vehicle Tagging’ AI algorithm to improve accuracy
  • Fixed an issue that prevented motion from being detected properly

Wyze Cam Pan

  • Updated the ‘Person and Vehicle Tagging’ AI algorithm to improve accuracy
  • Fixed an issue that prevented motion from being detected properly

Questions. I cannot download the new beta firmware when using the app. It’s not listed. Is it for special testers only? I am part of the beta program. I have the beta version of the app installed as well.

Installed, thanks!

Not sure if this had anything to do with the update, but I noticed after this update, that viewing the live feed with sounds toggled off, but while media is playing (on Android), no longer causes the media to stop playing (which is good!!). However, if you are playing media and go to watch an event video, the phone/media audio still cuts out/pauses, even if you have the wyze app toggled to not play sound.

And now. After I posted I can see the updates. Magic? :). Im happy.

Could you alter your naming convention and append a b on beta releases?
I’ve different cams to run different things and have found it prudent to keep some cams on older releases while I test new stuff on other cams.
So when I pull up my list of cams I could easily identify which are beta and which are production.


As of 8 am CST 5/16, I’m not seeing the new beta firmware update on IOS beta app 2.3.80 on any of my four V2 cams.

My App reports that my firmware on all four V2’s is "
up to date."

Timestamp watermarks no longer appear on my v2 and pan since updating. Tried Disabling and enabling timestamp and rebooting. Anything else I should try?


I deleted the WYZE beta app from my aging 5c and reinstalled the beta app … after which the new beta firmware appeared on the app.

All four V2’s updated so the problem must have been on my end.

Same issue on my V2s

There have been multiple posts about this here in forums and on Facebook if you follow along there. Also in the update release notes. But… Since the vehicle/person tagging is enabled in this beta update, they removed timestamp and motion tagging if the person/vehicle tagging is on. Turn off person/vehicle tagging, and the timestamp should come back.


I have it on two of my PanCam’s… several issues:

  • motion detection area keeps resetting to the entire visible area
  • motion tracking is automatically turning off - intermittently.
  • Detection Sensitivity is max but no motion is detected

all was good before the upgrade

Thank you for reporting the issue, I will let the dev team look into it.

Same on V2 and pan for my beta firmware and app

Read post 10 from @Ssmaniac

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I will give that a shot, thanks!

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My Wyze cam pan has version and says it’s up-to-date how do I get I don’t see the person and vehicle option in my advanced settings

Make sure you join the beta program first then download the wyzebeta app, then update firmware. Should be there under advanced settings

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I updated my Wyze Cam V2 to and restarted the camera. When I try to enable person and vehicle tagging, it gives me the error “Please upgrade firmware before using this feature.”

I was able to enable this feature with no issues using the previous firmware ( I had the feature turned off before upgrading to if that makes any difference.

Is anyone else seeing this issue?

It was a server-side issue. It appears to be fixed now (working for me). Let us know if it’s working for you.