Pan cam arrived, it upgraded firmware to is that the latest? is there beta of that? also one questions

I setup my wyze cam pan, and it upgrade 1st thing to, is that the latest firmware? is there a beta of that? still wonder if my pan cam will pick up betas after that, does it go by email that i am logged into app with or does cam itself have to be in beta program.

i do have the ios build of the wyze app per your suggestions, as that is the latest, but just wondering on firmware…

also there is a black button that is rubber and spongy undernearth the pan cam opposite the setup button… i accidentally pressed it… what is it for… did i mess up anything?

Yes, that’s the latest firmware and if your app is in beta, the camera will be offered beta firmware.

I have no idea what that black thing is on the bottom of the Pan. I never noticed it, but I just turned my Pan over to see it after you mentioned it.

i wonder if it’s a stopper for the pan motion limit ? i had to downgrade to .40 firmware as it’s automatically dloaded .50 and my pan cam did not move w motion detection. o well. i’m not in beta app now as you said ios store vs is newer than beta. also use detection in bedroom to make sure family members (kids) don’t sneak in there. but it tracks and doesn’t follow people thru the room. maybe it’s too close 3ft from cam and walking past it at a regular pace it can’t keep up. very off. you would think it would track thru room as long as it saw person moving. wish it tracked a bit better in that room.


No photo description available.

thanks !

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