Beta Firmware released, Released on 11/1/2019

Hello everyone,

Today we are releasing new Beta firmware ( for Pan and for V2).

We look forward to your feedback. Thank you.

– Wendy


Thank you for putting the date in the title!

So far I’ve tried updating 2 V2 cams and one pan. Only one V2 reported success. The other V2 and the Pan reported failure. Going to the home screen and coming back in all 3 showed successful upgrades. 17 more cams to go.

Don’t know why I’m so lucky, because it usually craps out on me, but 14 batch updated - all succeeded. Off to buy a lottery ticket…

The firmware updates on Both the V2’s and Pan Cams Went though Successfully.

@Wendy, I am Curious, was the amount of Bandwidth increased on this firmware version? Meaning I used to see 40kb consistently with an occasional bump to 120kb, now I am seeing a consistent 80+kb. If this was done it is a very welcomed improvement it helps a lot with the bit-rate.

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I updated another 5, had 3 reported failures, but on pulling and replacing the power cord they all showed success.
Updated another, another reported failure. Left the app, came back in, reported success.

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I had to do that a couple firmware’s ago, not sure what causes that to happen.

Can you post the changelog?

This is what was posted in the beta area for Facebook

"Some of you reported difficulty with upgrading the Wyze Cam Pan firmware yesterday. We are about to release version for Pan and for V2.

This is mostly the same but should have a better upgrade rate and has an extra bug fix for the “fragment not found” issue.

We look forward to your feedback. Thank you"

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Thanks for posting this here.
I don’t use Facebook and I wish they would provide better beta support without needing it.

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I am one of the moderators of the Facebook beta area, I will see if I can at least nudge them to post it here when they release items, if not I will try to post it here when I remember.

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I agree, it would be nice for those of us without Facebook to not have to keep asking for change logs every update.

You would think posting them in the beta forum of the community they own would be a priority.


It seems this beta forum gets more activity than the FB beta forum, plus it has much better editing capabilities.


Does this firmware include RTMP? (Tag “beta” keyword makes me think it’s a RTMP beta firmware) :slight_smile:

What is RTMP? Is it Real-Time Messaging Protocol ? Did you mean RTSP?

The RTSP firmware is a separate branch. I’ve 2 V2 cams dedicated to it.

Yes, I meant RTSP. I was wondering whether this firmware is an RTSP build or not?

RTSP is a separate river. It branched off because there is not enough space for code for both RTSP and the mainstream Wyze app.

Please try to get out of the Facebook.
Any business that uses Facebook limits itself to the special kind of people.


Unfortunately I do not work for WYZE, therefore that decision is not mine to make. I do know they have tried various ares to do it and Facebook has been the best for them so far.