V2 Beta Software update

I have 2 V2 Camera’s, when I opened them to view Live Stream I was prompted with a Firmware update to Yes I did the update and everything is still working. But I was curious if anyone knows what is in this update?

I haven’t been successful at getting them to stop putting a space in the version number, but you can still find the announcement by searching just for the last number without a dot in front:


Thanks - I must have missed it. I did a search for it, but nothing.

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I know why I did not find it, there is a leading space at the last digits.

Not but 4.9.7. 675

Why is there a space before the last set of digits. :slight_smile:

You only clicked my link, and didn’t read my message.

@WyzeAndy can we stop putting spaces in the version numbers? Thanks


LOL… Been a long day. I read it now. I am putting a hot compress on one eye and trying to read with the other one. I apologize.


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