New Beta firmware for Pan and v2 launched on 6/29 (Paused)

As they were before for a short time. That was great!

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and now only three work…one has ‘retired’. I am at a loss. Seems like they randomly work on the motion detection return from day -to -day.


As I wrote on April 25th

I think that would be a really nice feature to have. Ideally though, we shouldn’t need to constantly be reverting.
In terms of allocating what seem to already stretched -thin resources I would prefer to see more problem fixes.
So, I guess I fall squarely in the middle!

Since it’s there in the Beta I do not see how it would take much more resources.
I understand when they make a major change, as they did recently, that will not allow one to revert we would have to do the SD card dance

I gladly shout my agreement. While this should not be needed except in rare circumstances, more flexibility in upgrading and downgrading FW is needed.