Motion sensors randomly bricked

My wyze sensors stopped working randomly… I chatted with support and this is what they said:


when the batteries get low, the product bricks? that unreal. I have 24 wyze products but I will not be buying anymore when they become useless and support wont stand by their product.

Yes, Unfortunately the V1 sensors had a flaw that caused many of them to brick if the battery went completely dead. It didn’t happen to all of them, but a significant percentage. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. I had a few that bricked and a few that didn’t.

There have been many threads here on it over the past few years. Wyze was replacing them if it happened, but I don’t know if they still do since they have been discontinued for some time. The new V2 sensors don’t have that problem, but need the hub to work.


The bricking issue on the V1 sensors is caused by a defect in the original processor chip provided by Texas Instruments and only occurs when there is a combination of circumstances that occur simultaniously. This was not discovered until after the units were already in use. They stopped selling them and went to the V2 when they discovered this component defect.


If they had a flaw in their product, they should refund or replace when they fail no matter when it is…

i asked to speak with a supervisor when the “support” woman wasn’t able to give me a refund or replacement… she said i would get an email. still haven’t heard anything from them of course. i will not be buying any more items and will spread the word to potential customers as wyze has a very well known issue but refuse take care of affected customers.