False emails from Wyze

I want to buy additional sensors for my Wyze sense kit and registered for email notifications to be sent when stocks are back. Ever since I registered I have been receiving this email from Wyze at 3.02 AM eastern time saying that the sensors are back in stock but actually they are not. Anyone else getting these kinds of emails?

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Interesting. It was my understanding from things Wyze employees told me when I asked about the sensors, that the V1 sensors have been essentially deprecated (discontinued) and will never be back in stock, at least not through any official Wyze Channel, though you can sometimes find them elsewhere or in starter packs.

I was told they will now only sell the V2 sensors in the future, and currently that’s only through the new HMS system, but they will be available separately soon.

Regardless of all that, it is really interesting to hear they’re sending emails about it. Some weird bug. I wonder what could be causing it.


oh that’s sad, maybe it’s all about that they want to market their home monitoring system, and selling individual sensor kits may have some negative effect on that.

I really wish some version of the sensor kit will be available soon.

Thanks for your update, hope someone from wyze will reply with more insight on the issue.

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@Emjay1 Sorry to hear about the misleading emails. I sent this over to the Wyze team so they can investigate. I’m guessing this was a system error. The new v2 sensors should be available in the near future. Thanks for your patience.