Are Door and Motion Sensors Gone?

So are these gone forever? Is this another strategic move to force people into the managed security product? Wyze, please don’t forget most of us were attracted to your products due to the self monitoring aspect of them.

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V1 Sense sensors are being replaced by the v2 Sense line, which is only available with the home Monitoring system as of now. It is planed to be released as a stand alone product in the future, so stay tuned. No date announced as of yet.


Every time I sign up to get notified when these Wyze Sense products will be available again, I immediately get an email telling me they are now available again. This does not appear to be the case, does anyone know what is going on? Thanks

This is a bug and it has been reported. Did you receive this email recently?

About 3 days ago.

Thank You

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