Is there a reason sense v2 is now unavailable standalone?

I really am curious what the insane logic behind this is. this is literally a kick in the face to the community that supported you and I’m not sure why you decided to gate one of the most useful and popular of the home security products behind your bundled home security setup that we’re all trying to get away from. the whole point in having access to your equipment and putting it in over 50 homes so far is to restore the power to the users and the homeowners now I can no longer purchase the door break sensors and motion sensor that I’ve been standard installing as a package for the last 2 years because the people don’t want this crappy monitoring system.

over $50,000 in Wyse products from Amazon in just under 2 years.

unless this changes, today is the last day I purchase your equipment for Smart homes. I literally find this so money grubby, that it is just repulsive.

I can’t think of one single reason you would do this other than to force people onto your subscription model which is exactly what people are trying to get away from. it’s like you lost your perspective or something. wtf wyze.


Sales of new V2 version of the sensor is currently being restricted to Home Monitoring subscribers while production ramps up.

When it becomes available generally you will need the $40 starter kit, as the sensor talks to a new Hub, and the hub talks to your network. That is mainly to update the product and add capability, but it is also because there is no Bridge port on the V3 camera.

So hopefully you can buy a stand-alone V2 sensor kit soon.


So, I got an Email about the Wyze sense V2. At the beginning it sounded like just the sense starter kit… But toward the end it talked about the monitoring.

It’s really confusing. Why not just put the email out saying it was for HMS, because that’s what it seems like it actually is.

And yesterday when I followed the V2 link from the email it showed as sense 2 starter kit, but today it takes me to the HMS page.

Wyze needs to step up their explanations in emails to customers, as this is just confusing.


I see what you mean. Yours looks like they lifted the restriction, but today I got a similar one that was only WHM. I wonder if someone made a mistake yesterday. I still don’t see it individually for sale in the store yet. Just WHM.

This is confusing, and I do wish it was better communicated. Maybe including a predicted date or quarter when the V2 kit will become for sale individually @WyzeGwendolyn. (Thanks!)


Seconded, or whatever.

This emphasis on your HMS is BS and it honestly makes me want to flash the cams I have and move on. Nevermind that Wyze STILL somehow doesn’t work with HomeKit.

At this point, not working with HomeKit’s security coupled with the pushing of HMS just makes me think you don’t want to support a more secure environment because you’re data-mining people’s usage of your tools and HMS. It reaks malicious intent. I’ve read the feature request threads and the excuses of “it’s too much work on the App” or “Apple will make us pay a fee” are nonsense. You’ve got a big team now and are profitable enough to make a new product seemingly every month, why do you still play fast and loose with your iOS users security?


New list price for the starter kit is $80 not $40.

Get 15% off Wyze Home Monitoring Core Starter Kit*


Purchase an annual Home Monitoring plan and save 50% off the Starter Kit (a $39.98 value). Our kits are DIY and take less than 30 minutes to install.

$87.86 $139.86

The text says save 50% off the starter kit a $39.98 value, which makes the starter kit $79.96.

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Please keep in mind that @Newshound isn’t a Wyze employee, but a volunteer.


My apologies, I meant to agree with the first comment. My critiques are for Wyze/Wyze staff and certainly not Newshound.

@Newshound sorry if this came across as aimed at you, it wasn’t. Have a great day.


I’m in the same camp. Got lured into the Sense camp, been waiting to purchase more motion sensors for many, many months. Wyze finally releases V2 and then forces customes (us) to purchase their security system (with a monthly fee). Spent too long on a chat with customer service, a total waste of time. Asked for Elana’s email address so I could explain my request, no response. So management is hiding from users. I hope management remembers why they started Wyze and starts to support customers again. The Covid excuse is wearing thin as they are release new products but can’t support current customers.


So, am I correct in understanding that Wyze sense hub cannot be bought by itself? If so, then the sensor is worthless without it? it was only 15$ but I agree the email adverts were not overly clear.

No use for home monitoring but would love some sensors.

Thanks for any info in advance.


V2 sensors require new HMS hub. There is no way to use them without the new hub.

Ok, thanks. Can the HMS hub be bought individually (or in a bundle) and be used without a home monitoring subscription?
I like the sensor but have no need for a security system, window/entry sensors, keypad, etc.

Thanks for your time.

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At this time, you cannot but the hub separately. It is part of the HMS Kit. You can purchase the kit or bundle here

Purchasing the kit will require you to sign-up for the subscription but is not required to use the hub. I purchased a year subscription, to play and see. After a year, I will decide if I will keep it or not. Others are paying month to month.

Be aware of the pricing options:


Thank you for this info and prompt help.

I suppose I can just buy it and cancel the subscription immediately ( so I don’t forget later) and then I have the hub to use. I think this is the info I needed.

Thanks again.

you are absolutely correct. Cost pays a big part of this. Thanks for pointing this out.

so to round up.

  • you pay $100 for the first year if you pay a year in advance
  • you pay $140 for the first year if you choose month to month.

This is why I paid a year. It gives me a year to test, play, and determine if it is something I would continue with.

Ah, if you only want the hardware monthly is about $15 less than the annual, if you cancel quickly.

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That is true. I also like the experimenting part. I figured I could play with setting the Alarm based on Presence in Home Assistant. Life360 is a native integration and you can put the app on the phone and use that as well. so many possibilities. :slight_smile:

This company has changed so much. They have totally lost sight of their statement and purpose at launch. This home monitoring monetization system is absolute trash and restricting products behind subscription paywalls for customers that spent money to get them started in the fist place. This is a direct slap in the face to us. Done with wyze, Don’t know what idiot came up with this, but what’s worse is they ran with it. Freaking disgraceful. But big tech companies are notorious liars and thieves. Only took 5 years for Wyze to catch up. Good riddance.

And to the guy up there that said they are “Ramping up production” - Dude. You’re talking out of your @ss. They are doing no such thing. They pulled a bait (original 25$ half-ass working sensors) and switch (new BETTER SENSORS gated behind over 100$ and recurring payments) and the have never to my knowledge stated their intention to sell them alone again ever. Greed made them stupid. As usual.
I have 23v2 Cams - 18 pan & scans - 12 v3 cams - Vacuum, Scale, Lock x2 Keypad x2 10 Smart plugs and 30 smart bulbs- All for sale - Message me if you want this crap. Im selling it cheap.

Good riddance, hello Yolink.