Wyze Sense Motion Sensor v2 & Wyze Sense Entry Sensor v2 without Monitoring Service

Can the Wyze Sense Motion Sensor v2 & Wyze Sense Entry Sensor v2 be used without home monitoring service?

I want to use the Motion Sensor to turn lights off / on in certain rooms in my house. I want to use the Entry Sensors on my doors to alert my phone of the status of the door (open / closed)

Ok, I just saw this on both pages:


Which after seeing what might be Wyze answer these three questions on Amazon, it’s not clear to me what the official (or non official) answer might be…


Can anyone confirm if I purchase the standalone sensors, that they will, or will not be usable without paying for a home monitoring service that I have no need for.



You have to have the HMS hub to use any sensors. The sensors are sold as standalone items, the hub is not. To get the hub you need an HMS subscription.


So, it appears there is not a Wyze solution to turn Wyze Lights off or on with a Sensor, unless I pay for a service I have no need for then.

That’s a shame



@carverofchoice has written several thousand words about this but I believe the gist is that while you can’t BUY it without the subscription, you can USE it to a limited degree without the subscription active…

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:rofl: So true (both about my loquaciousness and about the hardware)

Without the subscription the sensors still work just like the original V1 sensors (you can still set up rules/automations and get notifications). So yes, you can have it turn lights on and off even if you don’t have/keep the subscription.

You do need the hub for the sensors to work, and you can’t [yet, officially] buy the hub without the subscription, but people who tried it and cancelled it have been able to continue using everything with rules, just not the extra HMS features with Noonlight.


I got a starter core kit from Home Depot for $50, it came with the hub and entry sensors (keypad and motion sensor) and 6 months free monitoring.

You need the new hub to use the v2 sensors (rolling eyes) but I can see everything working without the subscription. Well at least I plan on using the contact sensors don’t need the keypad or motion sensor.

Anyway keep them but get the core kit (maybe still at $50) you’ll have extras.

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I’ve seen some kits on eBay, but will probably purchase at Home Depot to make sure I get a current kit with the V2 bridge. thanks


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Just to be clear…it’s a hub not a bridge.


They had a $50 deal last week, the kit plus 6 months of free monitoring.

I’m guessing after the 6 months I can still use it as I want just no monitoring.

I was disappointed when Wyze stopped selling and supporting stand alone entry sensors a year or two ago. However, I found out that Google markets a stand-alone entry sensor under the Stitch brand.

Just looked at the stitch. It’s not weather proof.

Look at the Ring outdoor sensor. I got tired of changing the Wyze battery on a sensor on the gate, but it it always struggled to keep a signal.

Got this from Ring and no more issues. Gate open/closes and I know. It’s worth the $50.
It’s weather proof, and and the range is excellent. All I had to do was paint it black to match the fence.

Sorry Wyze but truth is truth.

Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor Amazon.com: Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor : Industrial & Scientific

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Another long-range set of sensors and other items is YoLink/YoSmart. They allegedly have 1/4 mile range and have contact, motion, water leak sensors, outdoor sensors, temperature sensors and much more. Thanks to @Sam_Bam for introducing them to me. I have a few installed in my shop (contact, motion and garage door sensors).

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Do they work on home assistant and do they function locally or are they cloud dependent too?

They don’t work with HA nor any other automation except Alexa…maybe Google. However, they have some ability to work independently of the cloud. You can link devices such as motion or door sensors to switches, plugs, etc. and those sensors will activate the devices when triggered with or without an internet connection. Haven’t tried this yet as I don’t have any YoLink switches or plugs. They also have their own siren/alarm, both inside and outside, plus a lot of water valve controls, garage door opener devices, outdoor motion sensor. Plenty of good stuff.

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Does the Ring sensor work on a standalone basis? Do you need a Ring hub? Is it free?

I got very ornery about this issue a few months ago. Mainly to drive home this exact point that Wyze made a very foolish business decision that they would require a Hub AND subscription just to get the V2 motion and door sensors to work. The website also didn’t make it abundently clear that you didn’t need the HMS for sensors to continue to function. The website only (albeit a bit misleadingly) stated that a user would have to buy the HMS + Hub to get the new sensors to work. The v1 has been discontinued on their website furthering the frustration. Also, I have no need for the keypad so that’s money wasted on the hub price to me.
If you buy the hub through Wyze only sign up for the one month’s HMS subscription… which was $51-10/mo a couple months ago at least. Then cancel HMS and continue to use the V2 motion sensors with the hub.
My Workaround: As mentioned before. I was ornery. So I bought the Hub starter kit on ebay for $90 so as not to even give initial permissions to this kooky third party Moonlight website and whathave you, nor my precious $5. :sweat_smile:
Then, I could purchase additional v2 door and motion sensors through Wyze (or ebay) al a carte.

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Thanks. If the Stitch I ordered ($12) doesn’t work I will try your backdoor method.

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Has there been an announcement that sense v2 can now be used as a DIY monitoring system without subscription to a third party service?

Yes, I believe it was first announced in an email on Feb 8th that the starter kit could be purchased without the HMS subscription by purchasing it through the app now.

At least for buying the starter kit without a subscription attached…then you reviewing sensor states and setting up your own notifications to have your own monitoring that way…you would have to set up your own rules to have sensors trigger a siren on a V3 or other things…but you can buy and use the sensors and hub without ever having a subscription now…you just won’t have access to the monitoring tab…you’ll be able to use the V2’s the same way you could the V1’s to do everything yourself with the same functionality they offered (though improved battery, connectivity, reliability, stability, etc). It will be a complete DIY set without a subscription or 3rd party monitor.

Although we could pretty much already do all that from the start anyway. Anyone could always get the monthly subscription then cancel it right away and get a prorated credit back for anything they didn’t use. It would pretty much be like we never had the subscription. Or some people bought the system and just never even activated the subscription or monitoring service at all. But regardless, now you can avoid the subscription entirely.

Here is a copy of that email: