Purchase only Hub and Motion sensors

Is there yet a way to purchase a hub without everything in a “starter kit”?

I am interested in installing a bunch of motion sensors, which can apparently be ordered individually, but cannot seem to find a way to buy a hub. I don’t need or want to pay for all that extra gear that comes with a “starter kit”.

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Not so far. Need to subscribe to HMS to get the starter kit that includes the hub.

No, despite many users requesting it. Right now, there are only two choices:

  1. Build your own system thru the Wyze Website Store, forced to buy a subscription (monthly), and then cancel it.; or
  2. Wyze Home Security Starter Kit from a Big Box or online retailer, scrap the keypad, and never activate the trial subscription.

Here are the links to the Wishlist requests:

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Just on a “chat” with Wyze for over 45 minutes. The hub is listed on the Wyze store for $29.99.

This indicates to me that this is a product which you can buy - standalone -
That’s sort of how things work on the web in most cases.
But it only leads you to a point to where you must subscribe.
As a note, I have been a Wyze customer for many years and own over 30 cameras plus a lot of their other products (unhappy with the latest wyze cam v3 pan which keeps going offline).
But I think this is close to a bait and switch tactic in order to sell their subscription which I do NOT want.
Unfortunately I am pretty much invested in Wyze technology, but I think I will take a break at the moment.
Very, very unhappy with Wyze.

As a note this was the response from Wyze:

Because As of the moment, the Wyze Sense Hub can only be purchased alongside a Home Monitoring Service subscription, monthly or annual. Our website does not have the option to have the Sense Hub stand-alone by itself. Should there be any plans to make the Sense Hub available for purchase as a standalone product, we will be sure to let you know."

This continues to be an issue for HMS. Many want to just purchase the hub and can’t. You can probably find the starter kit (hub, contact and motion sensors) but not just the hub at HomeDepot, like this:

Or from eBay: