Why must I buy a Home Monitoring System with a Wyze Sense Hub

I live in an apartment and do not need home monitoring. Why isnt the Wyze Sense Hub sold with out a home monitoring system. Not everyone wants to pay a monthly or annual fee especially if it isnt worth it. It seems like this is another money grab by Wyze.


From my understanding, At least initially it was partially a supply limitation issue. Requiring HMS ensured those who wanted the hardware for professional monitoring would get priority and make sure to keep enough supply in stock for those users.

At one point there was enough supply that Wyze opened it up to selling the starter kits without the subscription, but once those ran out all the build your own stuff has remained with the subscription required.

Granted, you can always cancel the subscription to end after the first month anyway. That’s what a lot of people have done, and all the hardware continues to work fine.

I’m guessing their metrics from the period when they allowed people to buy without a subscription were not as encouraging as would be hoped. Maybe they were high and would be unsustainable with the limited the supply they could obtain to keep enough for the subscription paying users as a priority, IDK.

Hopefully Everything will recover to the point that there aren’t chip limit concerns or other parts or anything anymore.


Not sure what it is you need from the sense products. Perhaps another brand might be a better choice. I agree that Wyze needs to sell these apart from the subscription which makes it an entirely frustrating product line.


There are several #wishlist requests that have been started requesting the sale of the Sense Hub as a seperate purchase item.

You can visit these, vote at the top, like :heart: posts that you agree with, and add your own post in reply at the bottom.


I was looking for a friend and I tried all sorts of things to buy just the Wyse sense hub here or on Amazon. Glad I read your post. That’s crazy you cannot buy the hub by itself, I guess the old method of plugging in an interface to my cam v1 is long gone.

It is what it is. Guess I will have to look elsewhere.