Wyze Hub Ideas

Aside from integration with other hubs, would there be a plan to release a wyze hub for offline access / reducing the # of connections on the router?

Why is a question on the wishlist?
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Could you please expound on this request. I’m thinking you may be describing a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution where the Wyze Cam video is sent locally and could be retrieved locally. If that’s it, then Wyze does have this in development (and I’ll merge your post there).

If it’s something else, please provide a little more explanation so we can properly categorize this.


I think what he means is having all the devices like his cameras, light bulbs, etc, connected to a Wyze hub and not directly to the router. The hub would then communicate with the router for internet access and whatever else.

Maybe also have the ability that everything would work through the hub even if you dont have internet access?


Implementing MQTT would allow for this type of local control/connection without internet access. Access to an API or integration with Home Assistant could help as well and they wouldn’t need to develop new hardware.



Hi, sorry for the confusion. The reason for the hub is twofold: 1) you can still use wyze without Internet 2)less individual devices connected to the router.

Basically, I’m wishing for a wyze smart things hub / or a bridge.


I’m British and that’s how we form our requests, into a question.

Eg. During a mugging
please don’t shoot me
VS would you mind not shooting me?


yea and make it look like this, with voice activation.


This is exactly what I mean.


I think it would be worth while to have it work both ways: hub for all camera, bulb requests to go through as well as a NAS storage location. Well my $0.02 worth. :slight_smile:


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Many “home security systems” have a center hub that is the brainchild to the cameras, sensors, smart plugs etc. Wyze is doing a phenomenal job and building out a complete smart home kit with its camera, plugs, light bulbs, and sensors.

An item I’ve been longing for is a “Wyze hub”. Perhaps this takes its form from the Max Drive. A center also device that links sensors, light bulbs, smart plugs. Not only would it link devices, but provide on site recording which maybe would eliminate SD cards in each camera. It would also be cool to see this device feature a key pad to arm and disarm the house during night/day hours. Lastly, pack a 100 DB alarm into the concoction to sound when a sensor is tripped.

This may be somewhere else, but I feel like it compiles a lot of features into one central control hub!


The only Internet connectivity option for me (middle of the desert in AZ) is via cellular. My Verizon jetpack is limited to 15 concurrent connections…after smart TVs, two cellphones, two laptops, Amazon echos, Philips hub, etc. etc, those 15 connections become a real issue. I’ve had to limit my cameras to 2 to leave 2 open connections for the occasional visitor(s). Also kept me from considering Wyze bulbs. Hub please.


Depending on how your jetpack counts connections, using a mini router as described in the link below might solve it:


Oh man,

I have to paste this link to another related thread here in hopes that it will gain traction… :wink:


As Wyze’s product line expands this may become, for many a necessity to help keep traffic down, if it isn’t already.

As Wyze offers new items we are constantly purchasing and the range and amount of products in our home ever increases. I do worry about the sheer number of items beginning to bog down my wifi. A hub would fix this and give us great peace of mind.


The concept is a low-cost central hub for accessing multiple Wyze devices from a PC/Linux/Mac machine and can also serve to create a local wireless network for the Wyze devices to connect to separate from the regular/house wireless network, this lowers congestion of the wireless network and allows a network to be expanded if a standard network doesn’t have the range. I’ve created a mockup concept image for the device to go with this post. The primary advantage with this device is it also solves the issue of viewing the cameras from computers by using a web-interface on the HUB itself. From this hub you can deploy upgrades to all cameras simultaneously, manage each camera individually, view multiple camera feeds at once, scroll and view footage with a much more in-depth interface than the standard smartphone will allow (Better Scrubbing, 2x-4x-8x playback speed, and Date selection). It also allows footage to be saved from the browser and downloaded to the computer. Lastly, it would be nice to have an option for saving multiple streams to a secondary drive attached to the hub in the event a camera is damaged/lost to weather or stolen.
I present, the Wyze Hub.


I see the new Lock will use a Zigbee Hub . Would be nice to use 1 Zigbee hub for all devices including:
Wyze Sensors
Door bell
and ???
We do not need to keep adding hubs . Make it simple and easy to use .


A single Wyze hub would be a great idea. We have the sense hub, lock hub, outdoor camera hub, and any possible new hubs. I love that the sense hub is part of the camera. Soon the only unifying part of the products will be the app. It would be fantastic to have a centralized hub for all Wyze products.

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