Plans for Hubitat support?

Many of us are moving away from Stringify and towards services like Hubitat. I found Wyze from your IFTTT support but that tool is too simple for real automation. Can anyone comment if Hubitat support is in the works?

It isn’t on our roadmap at this point.

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Definitely echo this request. I know you want to sell your ecosystem, but everyone has gaps. I’d sign up for cloud storage as support if I could reliably tie Wyze with Hubitat. Or ST even. Something local.


Thanks for your feedback! I’ll share it with the team. Just to check, did you vote here and in the ST request topic?


I did not. It’s more I’d accept that if it happened, but would rather not have to dig out my ST hub, heh. Seems that has far more people voting for it.

Makes sense! Yeah, I think that ST has more of a shot than Hubitat but we don’t have plans for ST at this point. We’re keeping an eye on the discussion and it has been an internal conversation, though.

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seems like if you guys made a powered zigbee or zwave bridge that could relay the proprietary protocol from your sense devices, we would have a lot of options. i appreciate the tight packaging and cheap integration via the camera, but to be honest, i’d pay for a dedicated bridge that would work with smartthings or hubitat directly…


I would also pay for a dedicated bridge to get to hubitat directly. Doesnt have to be 20$ either haha. id pay a lot more. To not spend 25-40$ per sensor etc and buy ALL wyze stuff would be a huge help for home automation and lets be honest, Wyze’s bottom line.


Another vote for Hubitat. Their support and development has been amazing and it would be great if we could get Wyze notification (person detected, motion detected, door opened) to be useable (perhaps as a simple switch) in Hubitat. There are plenty of people in both the Smartthing and Hubitat communities who would be able to help but there would need to be a public API to code against.

I guess the vote is for native Hubitat but a Public API would be just as good and would work for both SmartThings and Hubitat.


Same here!
Hubitat is going to be big, I think it’ll be well worth the effort to get hubitat integration. Even if it means buying a different little bridge to get Sense to work over Z-Wave (or possibly setting up a way for the Hubitat to recognize and communicate with the Wyze system through my local network, without having to reach out through the open web?

I’ve been trying to use IFTTT, but it’s adding an extra clunky layer to my system, and would be useless if the internet went down. I’m moving everything over to the Hubitat so that it can run locally when needed, and for the added levels of security. I love my Wzye cams, and the new wyze sense sensors are nice, and cheap enough that I can put them on everything. But at the moment I have wyze sensors for my IFTTT and z-wave sensors on some of the same items(such as the front door and garage door) as backups for when the internet is having issues. It’d be nice to get everything down to just a single tiny wyze sensor.


I agree… ive been on ST over 2 years now and had ZERO issues switching to hubitat. Its local, its fast and it works. Doesnt require webcore to write automations etc… hubitat is the real deal


This thread sounds like it is turning into SmartThings vs. Hubitat. It shouldn’t be.

I echo the feature request but suggest that it be generalized into providing an API compatible with other ecosystems. SmartThings or Hubitat support itself could be community driven.

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nope. i have nothing against smart things. I used it for 2 years… loved it. would still be on it if I didnt need some locally faster control.

You and I are in the same boat then. Like SmartThings. Love Hubitat.

My point was that, as a feature request, this need not be about either one of those hubs. Rather, it should initially be simply “Facilitate third party integration by opening up APIs”.


To be clear…

API would be nice but hardware (hub?) that allows the Wyze devices to speak Zigbee or Zwave for local support. The community will step in and create the drivers, we just need access.


Another vote for Hubitat integration. I’m already buying your cameras, but I have no intention of buying a proprietary contact sensor. I would, however, pay for cloud storage similar to Ring. If I could integrate the Wyze cams, with motion/person alerts, into my existing system without resorting to clunky IFTTT workarounds, that would remove any hesitation I would have when it comes to recommending them to friends/family. Not that I generally hesitate, but some don’t like vendor lock-in.



While I am a ST user currently, given the LOCAL control of the Hubitat and what appears to be stagnation in the progress of ST, I am going to switch over, and as such, recommend a Wyze/Hubitat integration as soon as possible. I would also recommend/Vote for having Wyze products having Local Control, ie Sense, Cameras, Bulbs, and Plugs while on the same Wifi network.

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Novice here. Coming from Wink, Stringify, ST. Just getting my feet wet with Wyze, Hubitat, Lutron etc. Lutron has a hub that integrates very well with Hubitat as far as I can tell. Having about 20 Lutron devices and just about as many Wyze Cameras. it seems it would be of benefit if Wyze could develop a Hub similar to that of Lutron. IMHO that is a nice setup. I have been kicking around the idea of putting all of my cameras on their own AP anyway just for ease of tracking


I echo the feature integration of API with Hubitat support. It’s wonderful if Wyze get on board as soon as possible with supporting Hubitat.

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As a former Wink, NestCam devotee and new Hubitat / WyzeCam (4x) Wyze PanCam (3x) Wyze motion and contact sensors (a bunch), I would really like to encourage the AWESOMELY DISRUPTIVE Wyze-ites to add support for connecting Wyze products to the equally awesome and potentially disruptive Hubitat ecosphere!!! Pretty please?