Please open the API. Domination awaits

Please accept this suggestion as wanting nothing but the best for Wyze. I have been a customer since very early on.
I own 10 cameras
3 sets of motion/open/close sensors
3 sets of bulbs.
Ive basically maxed out every pre order chance.

That said I am also a huge home automation junkie. recently switched from smart things to hubitat.
I have about 125 total smart devices in my home, all with rules, etc.

If you guys and gals would dedicate some time to working with hubitat , smart things etc I think your adoption rate would skyrocket. I know tons of friends in the automation game that wont buy wyze stuff because of that lack of integration. IFTTT on a basic level, while a good start is cloud based and slow. Allow the hubs to connect directly. It would be a game changer.
For me, Id never buy another smart things open close or motion sensor. Id never buy another hue bulb, id never buy another camera of any type.
I LOVE your gear, I just really want more from it. Not just me, but I think a massive home automation community who would kill for low cost, SMALL sensors, and great bulbs.
Think about it. please :slight_smile:


If you search #wishlist, there are already a few topics on this. You can vote and/or comment on those. :slight_smile:

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Agree. Wyze would be far more useful with Smartthings. Smartthings would be greatly improved with support of Wyze camera and detectors.