Why Bother with Smartthings Integration?!

With Wyze coming out with Sense and connected light bulbs, not even sure why that is even needed especially if Wyze continues to come out with other IoT devices?

Yes, I get that there are tons of other devices that connect using Zigbee, etc; especially appliances, water sensors …

Maybe it would be better for Wyze to focus on better software/firmware and more connected devices that provides both home security and automation.


  • Automation/Sensors
    . Light switch (yes I get that you can just buy the wifi bulbs) but given that I still have tons of bulbs would rather use them all.
    . Water sensor

  • Security
    . Siren (#1 wishlist at this time)
    . Door bell (yes I have Ring but would like to have one app instead of 3 apps - Wyze, Smartthing, Rings apps currently)
    . Battery powered external lights (with integration with Sense and Wyzecam) - again I get that I can just replace my current bulbs with Wyze bulbs but there are areas in my home without an external light socket and having a battery powered would help.

That’s my 2 cents Wyze…

All of your requests are already either in #wishlist or #roadmap. Here’s how to use the wishlist. :slight_smile:


The reason is that Smart things provides one of the easier platform to create and configure home automations. The Wyze sensors and cameras would really be a game changer since they are $5 a piece instead of $30.

It would also alleviate Wyze having to develop its own integration controller. And while they provide Alexa support I still find ST better for setting up scenes and automations.

Though that may be true. From a user standpoint I would rather just have one app to rule them all so to speak. When my motion alarm goes off the siren goes as well. Both under smartthings.

And then I have to open the Wyze app to see if there are actual people or false alarm.

Also with SmartThings you can bring in WebCore, with those hand in hand you have so many possibilities. The delay in IFTTT for me is only 3 to 4 seconds but I would rather have that cur down to milliseconds. Also with WYZE marketing themselves as more home automation instead of security I would be able to implement it along side my security in the same app instead of 2.

I am actually shifting my support for Hubitat support and not ST. Mostly because of “Local Control”. Especially as it looks like new Echo devices are moving to Local Control as well. I would recommend Wyze activate local control of the cameras and sense since I do not think they actually require the web, except for the ability to remotely access.

Wouldn’t that mean they do require the web?

From what I see the Hubitat doesn’t need to access the net to operate or for you to control it when your home Wifi is active, But if you want to remote access you have to run a server app (which you have to add to the control Dashboard) and that will allow you to open a port to access your home server. Also, it looks like they may have just issued an iOS app (finally) that will allow remote access. And yes, for ‘remote’ access, meaning when your controlling device, like an iPad or iPhone is NOT on your Home Wifi, you do need internet connection.

I looked into Hubitat when I switched from the Lowe’s Iris security when they killed it, I opted for SmartThings at the time because they had more of the functionality I wanted

No doubt that ST currently has the best integration and functionality. I’ve had mine for several years now. But I have noticed a lack of refinement and new features since Samsung took over. Nothing really against ST, but apparently the Hubitat guys left ST after Samsung took over. And really, the Local Control is really a big seller. I’m dead whenever there is an internet outage and it really is a PITA. The other thing that piqued my interest was Amazon moving the newer Echos to some Local Control.

I have not run into many internet issues, I do know they left ST shortly after Samsung took over, I am still using the Classic app, if they do ever kill that I would most likely switch, as far as Amazon, I don’t have any of their devices, mostly a Google house, but they seem to be toying with their API now too.

This is my point. Why Wyze should not waste their resources on Smartthings integration. Wyze has moved from simple a webcam to now light, switches, motion/contact sensors. Besides just simple home automation Wyze can be all things and have “one app to rule them all”. From home automation to security.

I would say you still bother with it because of the sheer amount of people that still use SamrtThings. That is still a good chunk of people.