Does Wyze have any plans to fully support Home Assistant (Binary sensors included)

I’ve been looking for a formal note or article on whether Wyze will ever fully support Home Assistant or not, and keep finding tidbits but no solid source. I appreciate all the work that guys like Josh Mulliken ( GitHub - JoshuaMulliken/ha-wyzeapi: Home Assistant Integration for Wyze devices.) are doing and it sounds like people inside of Wyze use Home Assistant. If the complaint is that it’s too taxing on Wyze systems to send notifications, why not offer support for Home Assistant to talk directly to the hub? I’ve purchased hundred of dollars of V1 motion and door sensors and then V2 sensors, cameras, and had Home Monitoring for a while but cancelled it because of the lack of integration. I would gladly continue to pay for services like Home Monitoring if Wyze products integrated with literally every other smart device in my home. TP-Link, Ecobee, even generic “SmartLife” products, and nearly a dozen other component vendors in my home are all fully supported. With the smarter Home Monitoring base station it should be a simple matter of software to send broadcasts locally as well as the Wyze systems. Again, I’d gladly pay for Home monitoring services if the integration was there but I find myself exploring a move to Zigbee and walking away from Wyze for good.


I need to search for it but Wyze has committed to MATTER and will not be supporting HA.

WildBill… I am sure they are committed to this project as they are for landscape mode for tablets… Just sayin


@nixhome2020 just got the Batsignal… in portrait mode.

I’m sure OP knows that the old V1 bridge can provide fully local sensor control when plugged directly into an HA server…

I’m using that setup now but it’s not a solid development effort as the service hangs frequently requiring me to reboot HA every 12 hours -30 days. There is a Wyze integration in HA but I believe it’s the one that was forced to disable the binary sensors due to Wyze demands. Again, the capability is there, they just refuse to make it available locally.


The simple answer is no there isn’t going to be one and efforts by others are likely to eventually be blocked.
Wyze wants you too play in their eco system.

They already made efforts to block use of wyze products in home assistant so the writing been on the wall for sometime now.

Like other companies they want full control to track usage,security and to force you to use their software where they can advertise and have direct links to their store for shopping.

This could change in the future depending on demand and how popular things like home assistant become.

This would make sense, except they do integrate with Alexa and Google, allowing you to bypass their app and advertising, etc. So I’m still wondering what the real reason is that they don’t integrate with HA…

This is legitimately the only reason. There is an incentive to integrate to Google/Alexa (remember, when you don’t know what the product value is, you’re the product). They want to force you to use their limited ecosystem and they really don’t understand broad home automation. People that are far more invested in this question have tried to answer it. The open source community reverse engineered the protocols (V1 sensors) and developed software that does the work for Wyze only for Wyze to complain and threaten to cut them off from their servers (V2 sensors). There are developers that work for Wyze that use HA, but the company looks at the few thousand HA users and disregards them as not a worthwhile user-base. What they fail to realize is, when you open your systems up for the makers, makers use your products and evangelize them, even to a non-technical user base. Instead, Wyze has created a user-base like me who actively discourage people from using their products. I heavily adopted their V1 sensor line (dozens of door/window/motion sensors) to integrate into HA to do all the things HA does really well. Then the firmware bug came along and the developer supporting the HA integration stopped working on it (and Wyze ignored the issue until the bulk of their user base was out of warranty). When the V2 sensors came along I looked past that engineering failure and bought into the V2 line. HA still seemed to support it and there was an active dev again but he ran into problems with Wyze threatening to block HA users from their server. Imagine, a company complaining that users want to use the products they buy, but you force them to use your servers, and then you complain about them overloading your servers? Wyze is the personification of the meme of the kid shoving a stick in his front bicycle tire.

Plain and simple, Wyze really doesn’t care about you or what you want. They have a limited view of what home automation is, and if you really want support for a complex, diverse home automation environment, look elsewhere. There are better sensor products (Aqara), better camera products, and better everything if you look. I love that I can use open source weather information to trigger an event that checks to see if my windows are open, that it’s about to rain, and know where my family members are based on their geolocation info to either play text to speech audio msg to anyone in the house or send me a text message . Wyze can’t come close to that and refuses to integrate into the environment. So again, dump any hardware you have and look elsewhere. Good luck!


I too have over a dozen WyzeSense v1 (they kept selling them even though they knew they weren’t going to fully support them).

My question: has anyone found a sensor with similar specs (range and speed) that they like as replacements and that work without frustration in HA?

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As an architect, I can not recommend Wyze to people because it is an app only app with very little cross over to other systems. Even apple understands this know. With a half million device out today, you need to play well together locally. We cannot have 30 or 40 apps on phone that do not work together. Since my Wyze API is not working, I am moving on. Good Luck. We need devices that play well together not try to be the only game in town.

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I’m using YoLink sensors. They are working to fully integrate into HA. Sensors have a range of 1/4 mile and they offer many other products that Wyze does not (except cameras which are coming soon but will be wifi.)


I agree, my wyze app has been broken since wyze released their thermostat and it would not work with my system. They sent me a replacmeent thermostat and now I have 2 non working thermostats permanently in my appo that can not be deleted.

I am using Alexa and Home Assistant but having to use the wyze app also is frustrating. These apps just consume resources on our phones and slow it down.

I hope the product manager for the alarm system reads this. I went searching for an alarm system today. I decided that I would like to buy the Wyze one. I then did one last search to ensure that I could integrate it with Home Assistant. I was prepared to buy all the equipment for an 8,000 sq foot house and likely more important to Wyze pay for monthly monitoring. I won’t be doing that now. You have lost me but I suspect there are others who will be making a decision tomorrow and the next day and so on. My prediction is that you would gain a bunch of Home Assistant users AND keep getting the ones you currently do, who have no interest in automation. It would be like a whole new market for free.

Sadly i would agree wyze is blind to the obvious and shooting themselves in the foot for short term profit. Home automation is a every increasing market that everyone is getting involved in.

At last look home assistant had over 200000 users and the number are increasing rapidly along with other home automation system.

Far far bigger companies then wyze have already figured this out and understand that the number are only going to increase.

By wyze closing things of and treating to actually block it shows a stunning level of short shortsightedness and makes me wonder about the long term viability of the hardware and company.