Wyze v2 hub

Is it worth my trouble to buy the sense hub and some sensors? Cost is good. I see a whole of of hub doesn’t connect after power outage, hub won’t connect for any reasons etc.

Are they that bad or are these people having network and wifi issues?

I would be using it in the unofficial home assistant integration just for simple automation. Wyze bulb on from motion, etc. That sensor is opened do this type things.

My other option is jump into zigbee. More cost, may be more reliable, may not.

Suggestions and opinions on sense hub connection after power outage, stability over the long haul. Etc. I have mesh WiFi.

I was not aware that Home Assistant still worked with Wyze. I know it did a couple of years back, but HA created a problem for Wyze servers so they denied it access.

But frankly your original question was V2 Hub. I love the V1 contact and motion sensors. The V1’s work with the Cam V2 Bridge or the Sense V2 Hub. But I encourage people to stay with V1’s if they can find them. I recently bought a dozen V1 motion sensors for $6.50 each to have them for the future. You could get a Sensor kit that includes the bridge by looking around and separately pickup more sensors.

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There is a Wyze API available for Home Assistant. However, it doesn’t have any connections or functionality for the hub, sensors nor camera motion sensing. I just installed it for testing and it doesn’t allow control of the colors on the bulbs, either.


I use Home Assistant and the Wyze App. Note that the Motion and Contact Sensors will not be integrated into HA via the HACS add-on.

One way of doing this is to create virtual switches in HA and make sure they are part of Alexa. Then when the Motion or contact sensor is triggered, you turn on the Virtual switch and then in HA you can execute the desired automation.

The HMS / Alarm can be integrated in to HA via the HACS integration.

I recently created a Dashboard to incorporate most Wyze Devices.


Well, thanks for the feedback, I guess it’s Aqara, zigbee & repeaters then.

I have Simplisafe and am not impressed. I self monitor with cameras.

I also loaded the Alarmo integration and it looks fairly extensive to setup my own security system. Noonlight available if desired I’m told. I don’t need monitoring personally. Still playing and exploring.

Concerning controlling Wyze color bulbs, all the settings are there for color, but I haven’t really played with the lights much yet in automations.

I just manually changed colors on one to test it.

In HA automations the settings are there, to what degree I didn’t check. You have to choose a device in there in the action.

I did read about a snafu with the V1 sense hub integration and think it not supported anymore, for now anyhow. I’ll read further.

Ironically and although very slow because of polling time, I turned on a Wyze color bulb with a Simplisafe door switch. I installed that integration also. :joy:

I’m just learning and getting started with HA. Fun stuff.

Alarmo works great. I experiment with a lot of different tech. Alarmo is easy to use and very flexible.

For Wyze color bulbs, you have all options available. I have used Helpers for grouping devices and then selecting the Helper entity.

This is an Add-on that is supposed to work with the V1 Bridge. If that works, you can then pair the V2 and V1 sensors to it. But then they will be out of Wyze and only exist in HA.

I do agree, this is fun times and a lot of changes happening fast

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