Why is there still no integration with Home Assistant?

After seeing this article, I am going to be dumping Amazon. It’s one thing after another with Amazon and only getting worse. And when the Amazon things finally go into the trash, anything unable with something else goes into the trash with it:

Not even an apology or anything from them.


The official response is MATTER. There is a wish list item somewhere for HA integration and Wyze said probably not…only concentrating efforts on MATTER.

Actually, the Home Assistant Wishlist is one of the ONLY API requests that Wyze has specifically said “Maybe Later” to, instead of “Probably not” and recently Jason said the following:

They won’t be doing this in 2023 because all their resources are being dedicated toward cameras specifically. Anything not specifically about cameras should be re-evaluated in 2024. But the awesome news is that the Home Assistant request is one of the few things that got listed with a “Maybe Later” status.

The above is related to an official, direct integration with Home Assistant of course. Wyze has been allowing a community effort at supporting their ecosystem in Home Assistant through a 3rd Party API using Home Assistant’s HACS Integration:

Wyze even recently (just within the last week) released a way that devs, and users can get their own official API key, specifically naming Home Assistant in the initial posting about how the API key was intended to help allow Wyze devices to continue to work with Home Assistant.

Still, this current method is mostly cloud-dependent through authenticating with Wyze servers and the Wyze API, so I would like to see better direct integration.

Wyze has been making progress and improvements and specifically made efforts to allow us to continue to use Wyze devices on Home Assistant, but they aren’t going to really get deep into it in 2023, and who knows where they go from here. As WildBill said, part of the delay in 3rd party platform integration is to see what Matter does since it would be a waste of resources to build things individually when they may be able to just support one of them (Matter) and have everything else automatically supported from that. They are registered as a member of the Matter Consortium, it’s just still the wild west for Matter at the moment with it being so new. I suspect we won’t see direct Home Assistant Integration until late 2024 at the earliest, and my realistic guess wouldn’t really be sooner than 2025. But it’s hard to say, and I don’t speak for Wyze, I am just basing the above on publicly known info and some logical inferences.


Interesting video on Matter and Thread. Indicates will be a while for camera support for Matter.

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There is at least one HA integration with Wyze. What I am looking for is a way to turn on a Wyze Rule. The HA integration I have does not show rules and I would like to have Wyze Rules stay in Wyze but be able to integrate them into HA.

I would also like local control of course. Using a cloud API is ok but local control is preferred. I have the Sense Hub so I should be able to manage my Wyze devices locally I think.

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