Why is there still no integration with Home Assistant?

After seeing this article, I am going to be dumping Amazon. It’s one thing after another with Amazon and only getting worse. And when the Amazon things finally go into the trash, anything unable with something else goes into the trash with it:

Not even an apology or anything from them.


The official response is MATTER. There is a wish list item somewhere for HA integration and Wyze said probably not…only concentrating efforts on MATTER.

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Actually, the Home Assistant Wishlist is one of the ONLY API requests that Wyze has specifically said “Maybe Later” to, instead of “Probably not” and recently Jason said the following:

They won’t be doing this in 2023 because all their resources are being dedicated toward cameras specifically. Anything not specifically about cameras should be re-evaluated in 2024. But the awesome news is that the Home Assistant request is one of the few things that got listed with a “Maybe Later” status.

The above is related to an official, direct integration with Home Assistant of course. Wyze has been allowing a community effort at supporting their ecosystem in Home Assistant through a 3rd Party API using Home Assistant’s HACS Integration:

Wyze even recently (just within the last week) released a way that devs, and users can get their own official API key, specifically naming Home Assistant in the initial posting about how the API key was intended to help allow Wyze devices to continue to work with Home Assistant.

Still, this current method is mostly cloud-dependent through authenticating with Wyze servers and the Wyze API, so I would like to see better direct integration.

Wyze has been making progress and improvements and specifically made efforts to allow us to continue to use Wyze devices on Home Assistant, but they aren’t going to really get deep into it in 2023, and who knows where they go from here. As WildBill said, part of the delay in 3rd party platform integration is to see what Matter does since it would be a waste of resources to build things individually when they may be able to just support one of them (Matter) and have everything else automatically supported from that. They are registered as a member of the Matter Consortium, it’s just still the wild west for Matter at the moment with it being so new. I suspect we won’t see direct Home Assistant Integration until late 2024 at the earliest, and my realistic guess wouldn’t really be sooner than 2025. But it’s hard to say, and I don’t speak for Wyze, I am just basing the above on publicly known info and some logical inferences.


Interesting video on Matter and Thread. Indicates will be a while for camera support for Matter.

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There is at least one HA integration with Wyze. What I am looking for is a way to turn on a Wyze Rule. The HA integration I have does not show rules and I would like to have Wyze Rules stay in Wyze but be able to integrate them into HA.

I would also like local control of course. Using a cloud API is ok but local control is preferred. I have the Sense Hub so I should be able to manage my Wyze devices locally I think.

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Here is something that I would like to contribute to this discussion. I understand why Wyze does not have Home Assistant high on their priority list: They have a good pulse on their users, and not that many of them use Home Assistant. It’s not worth the work for a fairly small market.

But let me point out something, and use myself as an example. I have used Wyze for years. I have multiple cameras around my home and office, and expanding that number all the time. Not only that but I have personally installed cameras at my parents house, dads store, multiple coworkers. I have recommended, and had them then installed, in my brother, several other friends and coworkers homes and businesses.

So while I may be just one user of Wyze, I am one who has been responsible for around 100 Wyze camera installations.

And the problem is you are going to loose me as a customer… not because of the lack of quality, but because I can not integrate into home Assistant. And when I become more confrontable with another camera ecosystem, I will likely start recommending those to others.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a threat or whatever… this is just a reality of my situation. If I want to incorporate cameras into my Home Assistant platform I must go another direction than Wyze. And once I go I will likely take a lot of others with me; just because they all rely on me to help them, and I will go with what I am comfortable with.

So please, help me help you. Open up Wyze to Home Assistant.

Thank you


I agree with you. Just over 2 years ago Wyze found the following:

So despite being a small part, we are an important part.

I would also recommend reading the latest update on what they most recently said about Home Assistant a week ago. I posted a copy here in the wishlist thread:

I pushed them on it as hard as I could. They did say they are “happy to look into it more” but will probably devote their resources to other things.

They said they want to focus on AI, because whoever wins with AI will win with the Smart Home and I think that’s great, but here is my problem with that…you can have the absolute best AI in the world and best smart home AI in the world for the smart home, but if your smart home is limited because your whole focus is cameras, who’s going to even care when they can’t do much useful with it because Wyze doesn’t connect to matter, doesn’t connect to home assistant, and aren’t expanding their smart home ecosystem with any other devices, so their AI won’t even be able to do much useful. At least that’s how I see it. I love they said they are going to focus on AI, but it’s worthless without an awesome large smarthome ecosystem. I bet Home Assistant will come out with an opensource AI, and even if it’s not as advanced as Wyze’s, it will be able to do a ton more because it can connect to everything and do everything. Right now, Wyze’s will be very limited with no integrations and few smart home products and few new ones coming out. I believe that will be a pain point they will learn eventually.


The bigger issue is that WYZE clearly is more focused on growth of first time sales to new customers than repeat business from those loyal (or at least previously so) customers. I have dozens of WYZE products and have also deployed far more with both family and with my customers.
I haven’t recommended WYZE products for well over a year now, and likely never will again. I fear WYZE has “jumped the shark”. They have gone from a small industry disrupter that provided quality at a low price, to a corporation that is placing profit margins over customer satisfaction. That is when the loyal depart for the next new up and coming industry leader. It is sad, as I really liked how WYZE started, but I guess good things can’t last forever.


I returned and got a refund on their thermostats because they falsely said it would with Geothermal and sad to see the cameras aren’t getting the integrations with HA, which I recently went to. Too late to return them however

FWIW, lots of us use our Wyze cameras with Home Assistant. You just have to have something like Scrypted, Docker Wyze Bridge, TinyCam Pro app (in server mode), Wyze Hacks firmware, or other things convert the camera stream to RTSP for you. Then you can integrate it into Home Assistant to do whatever you want.

Just this week, I also converted a ton of my Wyze sensors (v1 and v2 sensors) to work locally with Home Assistant directly, and the others that I am using for Wyze HMS will be integrated through Alexa pushing an update to a virtual switch.

All my Wyze bulbs seem to work EXTREMELY FAST in Home Assistant, It FEELS like they connect locally, and Home Assistant says something about it having local control to the bulbs, but I just ran a test this afternoon, and the bulbs stop functioning if I disconnect the modem from the router, so I guess it’s still cloud after all. Sure doesn’t seem like it though.

I believe the thermostat does control a geothermal heat pump, but it does so in the same way as an Air source heat pump. So, it will still control it. I am guessing the problem is likely related to how it determines the temperature, which is more complex if you want it optimized (ie, want it to check the earth’s temp vs the surface air temp). I wonder how hard it would be to implement that. I don’t know enough about HVAC to say.

So far I am loving my Home Assistant Green device though. I have a lot of my Wyze devices working on it now, which gives me a ton of powerful rules/automation options! Wish we could get an official integration though.

Can you elaborate? I recently joined the Home Assistant club, first via a virtual machine, then going all in with a Green and Sonoff Zigbee adapter. If there’s a way to have direct communication with the existing Wyze v1 and v2 sensors, I am all ears.

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Perfect. I have Home Assistant Green too (I got mine maybe 6 weeks ago and just barely set mine up with this plugin a couple of weeks ago)! That’s exactly what I used to do this (though I’m using the Skyconnect Zigbee/Thread adapter for my Zigbee stuff). The Wyze sensors all run on a different frequency from Zigbee though…they use 915 MHz RF, so you need a copy of the old Wyze Sense v1 Bridge (the one that plugs into the back of a camera).

So I just installed this plugin:

I mostly followed the instructions in this video:

Didn’t even need to change the firmware or anything.

And then I went around to all my V1 sensors and switched them all to run directly through Home Assistant, locally. I also converted A LOT of my V2 sensors to go directly through Home Assistant, including both contact sensors and Motion sensors. It works so great! It is EXTREMELY FAST with my automations/rules. So far I am exceptionally pleased. I can now do things I couldn’t do with Wyze rules. For example, in my basement kitchen I have at least 3 Wyze motion sensors. I just made a “helper” group in home assistant that treats all the motion sensors as if they are 1 sensor. So now, if ANY of them detect motion, it turns on the kitchen light, and now the light will stay on until the whole group is clear for x amount of minutes (all 3 motion sensors are clear for x amount of minutes). No longer am I stuck with a rule dependent on a single sensor. But, like I said, I’m loving the SPEED and reliability the most. It used to go really slow and annoyed my wife with how big of a delay there was to automatically turn on the Wyze bulbs, but now it’s close to instantaneous. No more wife complaints about my lighting automations being too slow. That alone is worth it for me. In fact, she actually asked me to do MORE now that I resolved that…though I will likely mostly get bulbs and switches that aren’t cloud-dependent now, I can still say that the Wyze bulbs work fantastically fast through the other 3rd party Home Assistant API: GitHub - SecKatie/ha-wyzeapi: Home Assistant Integration for Wyze devices.

Anyway, if you use that first plugin I linked to for converting sensors to home assistant, just know that I believe you have to delete them from the Wyze app first and they can no longer work with Wyze if you use them with that local-only plugin. So you won’t be able to use them with the Wyze app anymore or Wyze rules, etc. This is why I still left a few sensors on Wyze since I do use the HMS subscription. Plus I have other stuff like the Climate sensors and Leak sensors (which I’m pretty sure the home assistant plugin doesn’t support).

I have heard people say that they have even been able to use the HASS Wyze Sense plugin to recover and use old bricked (brownout lock state) Wyze v1 sensors. I haven’t tried to restore any of my bricked ones yet.

So far, I am extremely pleased with the results of that plugin. Very fast and very reliable.

Recommendations when/if you do it:

  • Do one sensor at a time.
    • After you add a new sensor, go name it immediately in the entities area before doing the next sensor or you might lose track of which sensor is which because it will give them a name with a fairly random string of numbers and letters.
      • Note that when you run the wyze scan service in the developers tab to add a new sensor, you press the reset button on the sensor, then HASS UI will show a green check mark that it was added successfully, Then you go back to settings and devices and then entities and you will find it there as a new entity that starts with the word “wyze” and then a string of random characters.

I am extremely excited with how well it works though. You just need to have one of those old Wyze Sense v1 Bridges that you can connect to a USB port on your Home Assistant Device.

I just connected the Bridge to one of the USB ports. I am using a USB extension cable (if you do this, make sure you get one that has DATA support…my first attempt I forgot I needed to use an extension cable with data support).

If you don’t have one, I see them on ebay a lot, especially in the old starter kits which sell for like $19.99. Sometimes they sell by themselves for as little as like $9-$13.


Obviously they are not smart enough to realize there is an untapped community of Home Assistant users that is currently topping over a million.