Home Assistant Integration

Just to update this Wishlist, I pushed Wyze REALLY hard for Home Assistant Integration during the last AMA. It was the second most voted-on question in the AMA but despite my strong hardball question, I’m afraid the news is not very positive:

They said in a separate post that they intend for the “Year of the Camera” to continue into 2024 and that next year will have a huge focus on AI:

I don’t disagree with most of what was said above. I agree that AI is going to play a major part in the smart home in the coming years. However, you can have the absolute BEST AI in the world, but if it is 100% cloud-dependent, can’t be used with other devices (no integration with things like Home Assistant) and can only use your ecosystem, but your ecosystem is no longer expanding the smart home, just camera expansion, then it won’t matter if you have the best AI in the world if it lacks any of the other stuff critical for a really good smart home.

I still look forward to what Wyze does with their “AI 2.0,” and more, but I think they will come to regret not fully supporting Home Assistant sooner and not building out their smart home ecosystem more. There are only so many cameras a person needs, but people will always need general smart home expansion. An AI that is basically just limited to cameras will be hobbled when it comes to people’s smart home automation needs. I suspect that it will get to the point where they’ll have to add Home Assistant support if they really want to compete to “win the smart home.”

Time will tell. They said they are “happy to look into more” so you never know…Anyway, just wanted to update people that I did ask about Home Assistant in the latest AMA, and did as great a job as I could in the question to point out why they should change their stance. I don’t think it will happen any time soon still. Thought some of you following this thread would appreciate an update on the latest info though. :+1: