Home Assistant (HA) and Wyze

I really like the Wyze products and was looking into any methods to allow a Dashboard for Wyze. I have been reading up on Home Assitant and how individuals have provided methods to get items or statuses from Wyze Sensors. Just wanted to provide what It can do, but I am still looking to see if I can get the Camera’s loaded without the RTSP FW.

As you can see, I have bulbs, grouped bulbs, and color bulbs. All across the top and clickable to turn on and off. The next panel shows some Camera’s which are acting as motion sensors, this works well and fast. However, I am still trying to figure out why the actual Motion Sensors stopped working after the last update to the HA Wyze Integration. I also have a panel for the outlets. Still a work in progress and those of you using the RTSP FW, you can attach it directly to the HA setup. Wanted to pass this on as I know it has been a question for sometime.

The lights and outlets are very responsive, so no issue in using it. Still looking into this, but wanted to pass on what I have been looking into.

Please note: I am not a HA guru, just something I decided to look into. I realize that Wyze will come out with their own method for doing Dashboard, and am looking forward to it. But for those who like to tinker may find this interesting. It is not fully GUI driven, so some YAML updates may need to be done. I actually have this running on my NAS device with a free HA docker app.


I can’t look to confirm right now, but if memory serves me, I believe the developer removed support for the sensors in an update recently, due to their tendency to fail in a nonrecoverable fashion. There is a second integration I use that treats them as binary sensors, which allows them to retain at least some functionality, but also requires the USB bridge be plugged directly into your HA machine, so you lose the native integration with the Wyze app. Not the most ideal solution, but probably all we’re left with unless you use a previous version of the API integration addon or sweet talk to the dev into adding it back…


I saw the one which allowed you to plug the bridge in. That one said no longer supported. I didn’t see anything about this one being discontinued. I will check as well and provide which one I am using.

Will have to do that a little later.

This is the one I used: GitHub - JoshuaMulliken/ha-wyzeapi: Home Assistant Integration for Wyze devices.. It was updated 9 days ago. Is this what you are thinking of?

Like I said, just experimenting, but it is impressive. I come from SmartThings, Hubitat and now Wyze. Planning on sticking with Wyze and it is one ecosystem. However, this is a possibility for those who wanted something different and still use Wyze.


Yeah, that’s the one I was talking about. He removed the support for sensors in the release I linked above.

The discontinued project is the one I’m referencing to bypass the Wyze API and just use direct local communication. It does still work, at least as of this morning when I re-added one of my motion sensors that I let the battery die in. (Btw, Don’t do that if you want to keep the sensors distinguishable from one another…) So long as you don’t update your sensors’ or bridge’s firmware, and you keep an eye on your batteries, it should continue working indefinitely because it’s entirely local. Emphasis on should, as some other change could potentially break that third party integration.

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Thanks for the tip. Do you use HA a lot? It seems to be very powerful. It is fun and time consuming. :).

Lol, anyone who uses HA ends up using it a lot. It’s the downside, if I had to pick one. 90% of things are supported, and relatively simple to integrate, and it offers loads of advantages over other options, but that last 10%… Well, I don’t want to ruin your fun, but I think you already know what I’m getting at. Also came from SmartThings, well before there was an official integration like there is now, and that’s all I can say about that without breaking out in a cold flop sweat and mumbling under my breath about what sounds like how much I hate '70s music, at least to the uninitiated…

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I know what you mean. :slight_smile: . Thanks again

Well, welcome to the HA community, from the Wyze forum, lol. :joy: When you get into something that you hit a wall on, there are absolutely scores of brilliant people far more capable than I on the forums who are more than willing to help. The potential with HA is enormous, and growing constantly, so maybe Wyze will wise up and officially support it soon… You should go up vote it on the wish list.

https://forums.wyze.com › hom…
Home Assistant Integration - Wishlist - Wyze Community - Wyze Forums

I will definitely vote for it. I am also hoping Wyze will come out with some form of a Dashboard.

Bit this is all addicting. :slight_smile:

Been involved in smart technology for sometime. It is amazing at how fast things are changing.

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I use homeassistant.

The WYZE Bulbs and plugs work great in Home Assistant.

When the WYZE contact sensors started bricking, I saw the writing on the wall and switched out all my WYZE contact and motion sensors to Aqara.

It’s a shame since I did have a working WYZE bridge.

Waiting on my WYZE Color bulbs to arrive so I can integrated them into HA.


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Did anyone get the color bulbs to work? I don’t have the correct version of the api in my HA setup so I don’t see them. Just wondering if anyone can shed light on what I need to do to get the color bulbs to work.

Yes, I have the Color Bulbs working through HA. I am using the one by Joshua Mulliken:

Once you add HACS, choose the Wyze Integration by Joshua. Once you do that, it will discover all of your devices. The Color Bulb will be there. The only downside is that it does not do 2FA yet. So I use an account which only has access to the devices I want to see.

Also note, V1 Motion Sensors have been removed. I guess they are getting ready for V2. In lieu of the Motion Sensors, they use Motion Detected by the Camera. This is working well for me also.

Color Palette when the light is on

What is also decent is that the Bulb in the Dashboard will match the color you seleced. So I have Blue selected, here is what the Color Bulb in the Dashboard looks like:

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That looks good, but won’t work for me. I need support for the V1 sensors, at least for now. Not sure why they would be dropped since they are still the only viable option from Wyze. I have door and motion sensors that trigger non-Wyze lights and I can’t use the camera motion sensing since it is way too sensitive to movement I do not track.

Yea, I was bummed when it vanished. I did find the version which included it, but could not figure out a way to add it back. Maybe, we can open a ticket with him and see if he would add it back

I took a snapshot of my system before installing the latest version. After a brief test I restored the snapshot and got all my sensors back. Too bad you can’t seem to have both. Still not sure why the sensors were dropped since the new ones aren’t really available yet.

I agree, I just emailed Joshua to see if he could add it back. Could not find a method to PM him via GIT

I just posted this on his GIThub page:

Yea, I posted to his current release as well. Will let you know if I hear anything.

Just found this in closed issues (guess he won’t reinstate sensors):