My reasons, no Home Assistant

I have 3 pan cam V3s and 7 OGs, bulbs. They’ve all worked great and I like them a lot and they’ll stay in the windows or outside where I put 2 of them. Small glitches here or there. Or caused by Wyze downtime cloud issues.

Bulbs will move to Zigbee. Same with entry sensors, currently Pre-Wyze anyhow.

Nothing to do with cloud issues Wyze has experienced. Nothing to see here.

Strictly that they’re not home assistant compatible without jumping thru Tinycam server hoops and adding another or more hardware like a mini computer, raspberry pi etc. to feed them into the home assistant via Tinycam server.

So, other than the current ones which I’ll continue to use and replace as necessary, I guess its POE cameras for future purchases other than a here or there Wyze spot placement.:confused:

Get home assistant compatible or reach out to the Wyze home assistant integration developer. Currently its useful for bulbs only mostly with my cam models anyhow.

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New to Home Assistant and interested in expanding connected devices - Would consider purchase of more Wyze products IF they were directly HA compatible.