Wyze Exit Strategy

Never posted, but I’m a huge Wyze fan and early access forum watcher. My apartment, my office at school, and my office at work are all rigged up with Wyze cameras covering every angle.

That being said, I have always felt uneasy about just how successful Wyze has been, the extremely competitive prices, and most importantly, what’s going to happen if Wyze is acquired by an Amazon, Google Nest, Ring, etc.

@WyzeDongsheng and others from Wyze, while I realize that you probably can’t tell us much about your exit strategy, is there anything you can share?

With every new Wyze product, their price point, and just how awesome your stuff works, I fear outfitting my homes/offices so much that if you’re acquired, the products and marketplace/apps will be shutdown/integrated. This is what just happened with Nest (now Google).

Thanks for any feedback you might have!

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I second this concern… especially as I ready to replace all but a couple of bulbs in my house with Wyze bulbs

There are alternate firmwares available for the Wyze Cams. This is mainly due to them being based on a platform that is common to multiple manufacturers. Not sure about the Pan cam or other models, though.

I certianly would not prefer rolling my own replacement for Wyze’s app. Depending on the amount of effort required and how big the functionality gap would be, it might be “easier” to just ditch the Wyze gear and switch to a different manufacturer.

I certianly don’t relish the thought of the barren wasteland of a post-Wyze apocalyptic future. :slight_smile: