Smart integrations

Looking in the “Smart integrations” section on the Accounts tab, anyone else still annoyed that Alexa has been the only one listed there for how many years? I understand that they "integrate"with Google Home. But does it, really? Wyze states that they are building an ecosystem but do they really think they are going to walk up to a customers house and see nothing but Wyze products?

I like Wyze and the products they put out, but I really don’t understand why they don’t want to play with other vendors? I would bet that their name would get out to way more potential customers if they just opened the door.

I run HA and would love to purchase the Home Monitoring system but probably will never be able too. Honestly, even if they said you could only get access to advanced integrations if you purchased a one-time $20 license. Just my thoughts and curious what others think.

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