Alexa vs. Google Home

Since I don’t expect HomeKit support anytime soon, if ever, I’d like to link my Wyze stuff (1 camera, 10 sensors, 2 bulbs, 3 plugs, 1 scale) to either Alexa or Google Home. Does Wyze work better with one or the other? I’m not invested in either platform right now and will probably only use my iPhone or other Apple device with whatever route I go. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I would recommend an Echo (Alexa) if you plan on buying the band when it’s available. It’s like having Alexa on your wrist. I don’t have an Echo Show, so I don’t know if it works with the cams or not, but I would expect they do. Amazon integrates 3rd party devices using “skills” and the description of the Wyze skill says it will work with Wyze cams and doorbell cam. I don’t have a Google Home as I jumped on the Alexa bandwagon very early. Good luck.

I use the Alexa platform, although I don’t have an Alexa device with display. It works well for me. In other posts I’ve seen folks expressing problems with Google, but in fairness that runs true for Alexa also.
Alexa on the Band is limited and in the early-release stages, but has great potential.

I mostly use Alexa on the band to view or add to my Alexa shopping list and turn on and off lights with very few issues. Nice to leave my phone in my back pocket at the store and have my list on my wrist. Would be nice if I could delete items as I grab them, but it works pretty well. I can unlock my front door with it too (August lock using Alexa skill via Wyze app…phew) but it’s easier to pull out my phone. The first way requires speaking a 4 digit code in to the band mic…

I have a couple of the Google Home devices and the Wyze cams and bulbs have sync’d with minimal effort from my iPhone… I hope that the Wyze band will soon also be compatible with the Google assistant because I have been holding out from the fitbit watch trend for just this type of feature. When the Wyze band gets the Google assistant feature, I will be placing my order ASAP. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d lean towards Amazon, in part because it infuriates me to have to say a company’s name all the time (“OK Google” and “Hey Google” are still the only wakewords allowed. Home - Google Nest Community )

Amazon’s wakewords are slim but at least there’s a small set of less branded choices (echo, computer, etc.). Even “Alexa” is less obnoxious than OK Google.

This of course is cosmetic and says nothing about how the Wyze skill for Amazon compares to its Googly counterpart, sorry, I haven’t used it.

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