Alexa integration -- how about Homekit?

I’m a little surprised that the Alexa announcement isn’t posted here. So it makes me wonder if Homekit would ever be added? We use Siri much more than Alexa. Also very few people have an Echo Show or Spot compared to how many have an iDevice. And the Echo devices are stuck at home, while you can use Siri anywhere.


I would dispute the number of Apple home devices vs. Alexa. Amazon established the Echo infrastructure first, and I was an early adaptor. You have to remember that Wyze founders were all Amazon employees. So it makes perfect sense to develop Alexa integration first. I am sure their expertise will gradually move to the Home kit and Google Home environments.

I am now viewing my four Wyze cameras on an Echo Show. Does it have all the capabilities I want!? No. Far from it. But I am confident they will come. Keep in mind this is a young company thaot is rapidly evolving and offering products and services at excellent price points.

Would really like Siri intergration as well as I am on my iPads all the time.

Since only the two most expensive Echo devices work, I’m very certain there are far more iDevices in use than those. My Amazon rep sent us two Dots and an Echo Fabric to try out, free, but couldn’t give a free Show or Spot. I certainly wouldn’t pay for one. We’re a multi-platform house of IT nerds, but overall, Siri finds a lot more use than Alexa. Our Google rep is sending us a free Google Home Mini next week, so that will get the next try-out, haven’t touched their stuff yet.

Being able to say “Siri show my living room camera” would go far towards erasing one thing I really dislike about the Wyze app; the time and steps it takes just to get to a video. With SecuritySpy and generic IP cameras, I see my view nearly instantly. Yes, those cost a lot more, and I am always cognizant of the trade-offs.

Also the irony of choosing the make the world’s cheapest camera work with only the world’s most expensive voice-connected devices is funny.

Why all the hating? Congratulations to the Wyzecam folks for accomplishing Alexa support!!! Now on to other possibilities.

Me, our family is 100% committed to the Google side of the street. Pixel phones, 13 Google Assistants, & 5 Chromecast enabled TV’s.

Please, as soon as you can, please add Google Assistant integration so I can say the magic words “OK Google show [Wyzecam name] on the Den TV”, just like I do when I want to see the Nest Hello doorbell cam.

Does Amazon know what they are doing! WYZE is run by Ex-Amazon employees and you just gave them permission to build a better Cloud Camera that will work on there platform. I was going to purchase the Amazon Cloud camera for $120.00 only because it would work on Amazon Alexa even though I have several WYZE cameras. But now I got the best of both worlds for $20.00! Everyone complains it will not work on the Amazon Fire Stick… wait a minute this morning it started to work on my Stick! I can see the sales for the Amazon Cloud going down hill. If I was was Amazon I would hire them back just to improve on there Amazon Cloud Camera!


Huh? What hating? I didn’t see that in this thread…?