Smart Integrations for Siri and Google

I’ve noticed that Alexa is the only Smart Integration listed in my account. Will Google or Siri be added at some point? If so when is the expectation?

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I don’t know about Siri (not an iOS user), but Wyze is compatible with Google Home so long as you link your account within the Google Home app.

Google Home → Settings :gear: → Works With Google (bottom of list) → Wyze Home

Once you link your account, your devices should show up in your Google Home app and be accessible from your Google Display devices.

It will NOT show within the Wyze App → Account → Smart Integrations page, but it will still be linked.

Google Home provides next to no routine support for Wyze device actions or triggers, and the cams can be difficult to live stream, but there is direct access to powering devices. I prefer Alexa because there is much more I can accomplish using the routines there.

Hope this helps!


SlabSlayer, Every time a post a question on this FORUM you come through. Thanks
I didn’t even realize that I can use Alexa on my iPhone until reading your post above and understood your affinity to Google Home which I am already using.
I installed Alexa and linked it to WYZE and want to use it to do things like;
Say “Alexa show my doorbell” on my iPhone.
When I do, I get the response “Sorry cameras don’t work on this device”. Yet when I select Cameras under Alexa Suggestions it lists all of my cameras and when I select one it brings it up LIVE. VERY COOL and useful to me.
But wondering why it dosen’t just bring it up without having to select a particular camera under Alexa Suggestions. I already told Alexa I wanted to bring up my Doorbell cam. Any ideas ?

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@tlhutch4, happy to be able to help.

Unfortunately, I have never been successful at getting the Alexa Voice Assistant or the Google Voice Assistant to launch live stream for any cam on my phone. Not sure what the disconnect is there but it has always been a no go.

The doorbell is not compatible with live view in the Alexa App or Google Home app on my phone because of it’s aspect ratio being different from the other cams. It will also not display in my FireTV Stick.

I can launch live view of my compatible cams onto my Amazon FireTV Stick by voice command into my Alexa enabled Amazon FireTV remote or through any of my Alexa enabled Amazon Echo Dots. I don’t have any Amazon Display devices, but it should show there as well. When I manually click my compatible cams from within the Amazon Alexa App, they will stream.

I am able to get Google Home to stream my compatible cams, but only using the voice command feature within the Google Home App, NOT the Google Assistant app. It will not stream them by selecting them manually like it does in Alexa. I don’t have any Google Display devices, so I’m not sure what works there.

Works okay in Alexa ecosystem but it takes so long I basically never bother, even though my home is filled with Echo Shows, Fire tablets, and Fire TV sticks. It’s faster to walk stairs to where my TinyCam tablet console is than sit and wait to see how long Alexa and Wyze will take to display a single camera.

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When I try the mic button on Google Home app (in my iPhone) it says “Got it…Steaming Garden Cam”, but nothing comes up

My V3 take some time to load. After it says that, it usually goes to a black screen with the cam name at the top of the screen and waits there to load.

Again, Alexa brings up Alexa Suggestions and if I choose cameras then all my cams are listed and I select one and it loads nicely. Thats fine but I think the WYZE app works easily to with just 3 button presses. I think I will stick with the WYZE app since ALEXA requires manual intervention also. Like WYZE.

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