Wyze Doorbell & Google Hub

Just got my doorbell setup and is working properly. The doorbell has been noticed and attached to my Google home. When I try and stream to my Nest Hub (non-max) the assistant acknowledges and then displays “SMART HOME CAMERA”. I have three other various Wyze cams and they display flawlessly. I have ensured all devices are up to date software wise and are all on the same network. Is the doorbell only compatible with the Hub Max or is this an ongoing issue?


I would also love to know what’s going on with this

Any update? I just got the nest hub with the combo deal with a v3 camera. All the cameras stream great but the doorbell is a no go.

Same issue here. Would love to know how anyone resolved this

Just spoke with someone at Wyze… doesn’t seem to be on their “roadmap”. How can a Doorbell NOT be supported by a Hub??
I got it because we have 3 other Wyzecam products that work great - not just on the app, but with the Hub.
And - the one we NEED the most to work on the Hub… isn’t supported??
PLEASE do something about this.

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Connected the Wyze Doorbell Pro to a Echo Screen was easy. But when I look at Smart Integrations in the Wyze App all I can see is Alexa. Google home shows Wyze Devices, but I see no way to use a routine with them. What gives Wyze?

Just dropped a lot of money on a system with nest hubs only to find the doorbell cam is not compatible? It is only the number one product most want working in our system. Why is this still not working? Your advertising is not fairly representing the product capabilities. Why cant we group our doorbell with our other cams? When will the video issue be fixed or how do I go about a refund? The ability to function with the controller you sell and recommend is required not optional.

It tries but all I get is a black screen and the circle spinning. Also does not call it the correct camera name…just says Wyze-cam.

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@Frederik Pls. We need automatic live view on the nest hub.

I think this is up to Google. I will see what can be done.


Yes please do!..

The feedback from Google is that this is something that several OEMs (ie. not just Wyze) have been asking and they are looking at implementing this feature with a fairly high level priority. They don’t have a communicable timeline for the release of the feature for the moment.
There is also a very high chance that the first version of the feature would be only showing the video and might not have the two communication that could be expected from a doorbell.

Hope this help.


Just showing the video would be a great first step actually! Hope we get more news soon.

Also hope you heard about this months ago when it came out. Google Assistant gains open support for smart doorbells - 9to5Google

Yes. My contacts are actually trying to understand the exact coverage.

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Maybe I am not understanding the terminology, but the issue doesn’t seem to be a Google Assistant issue as stated in that article above in order to display on their device, is it? Is Assistant their terminology for anything that is used by a Google device or service (i.e. google mini for talking and Hub for display?)

I have Google Assistant on my phone, 2 Google Home, and 1 Google Hub.

My Wyze doorbell’s chime volume is insufficient for my home, and I don’t see additional chimes being available.

Here is what I am hoping to do:

  1. Connect the Google devices to the Video doorbell, so they have a notification when the bell is rung.
  2. Hub - I understand I can stream the doorbell? Can’t see a guide in Wyze or Google.

So you have your understanding correct.


in your Wyze app on your phone, go into your account, click notifications, and set the notifications for your specific cams/doorbell.

This is still an issue as of March 2022.

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The only response is the non-response above.

I got a response back from support.

"At this time, the Video Doorbell is not compatible with Alexa or Google Integration. Don’t worry, our engineers are working on this and will release an update that will enable this feature. I apologize for the inconvenience. "