Camera wont work on google hub

Have tried absolutly everything and my camera wont display on google home or my google hub. Anyone have any solutions or do i need to spend a few hours on the phone with wyze customer service or googles customer service?

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There is another identical thread on this issue. Search it to learn more. Also indicate which camera you are having issue with.

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If you’re describing a recent occurrence, then you might want to check out this other topic where it’s being discussed (though with no resolution so far):

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Funny. I just checked and mine don’t work on Google home. I rarely use GH, but it worked last week.

There is no broadcast on Google Home Hub Max. The Google cameras are displayed in the Google app, which means there is a problem with the Wyze cameras. Is it really time to extend all five Wyze cameras?

I don’t understand the question. What do you mean by “extend”?

If you navigate to the other topic that I linked above :point_up:, you’ll read that some Wyze camera models—specifically, Cam OG and Video Doorbell Pro—are reportedly streaming to Google Home Hub devices, but other models aren’t.

I’ve mentioned in the other topic that I think this one should be merged into it (and that I think it should be recategorized and retagged), but I don’t know if or when any Moderator will take such action.

This means that it’s not Cam Pan, not V2, but I have 5 of them and not one of them broadcasts. The cameras were purchased specifically for remote broadcasting of elderly people and it’s already the fourth day where I’m paying for the Internet at the dacha, but I can’t see what’s going on there remotely I can! Developers please take action!

You can still view the live stream in the Wyze app, though, right? If you need to view multiple cameras, then you can also create camera groups in the app and/or use the newly-revamped Monitoring tab.

I saw that you duplicated your previous post in the other topic, and that topic is probably the better one to follow at this point (there seems to be more discussion there, at least so far), so that’s where I’d probably seek meaningful updates.

I would also expect someone to post this as a Fix-It Friday issue whenever that topic opens for this month.

I think if you spend some time poking around in the Forum, you’ll probably find multiple topics about how there are many ongoing problems regarding Wyze’s integration with Google Home/Google Assistant, so I’d be hesitant to rely upon that as part of a solution for monitoring something important, like elderly folk. At this point, I look at the Wyze/Google integration as a convenience (when it works). If I really want to reliably see what my cameras are capturing, then I use the Wyze app.

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For those who aren’t following the related post:


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