Wyze V2 works with Google Hub....kinda

I have 4 V2 mounted outside and 3 of the 4 work great with my Google Hub. The 4th (all on the same firmware) will not show live view for some reason. I tried restarting, unplugging, syncing Google and reinstalling all with the same results. It shows up on the Hub but just no Live view. Here are some pic of what comes up. Anyone have this happened to them and find a work around?

First Screen to pop up
Google Photos
Second Sreen
Google Photos

Wyze is working on this issue, it was mentioned in another thread. The latest release was supposed to have fixed the issue, but some are still experiencing issues.

One thing to try, as it was provided by Wyze, restart the cameras so they establish connection again. I was told a simple restart from the settings area should be enough, I actually removed power and plugged it back in.

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It’s just kinda weird that the other 3 cams all V2 with the same firmware work just great. I have also restarted and unplugged it for five minutes and still the same resaults.

I agree, others are seeing the same thing. I also know that Google is reworking their Google Home, etc. so it could be caught in that as well.

Not sure though. I am monitoring the issue as I reported it as well. As soon as I hear something, I will update.