Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 "unavailable" on google home

On the Google home app or nest hubs, the Wyze integration with Google home finds 6 cameras. Two are V3s and four are Outdoor V2s. The V3s work fine. The V2s status shows as either “Off” when powered off or, “Unavailable” when powered on. All Wyze firmware is up to date. All cameras work fine on the Wyze app.

So far I have; power cycled the cameras, cleared the Wyze app cache, disconnected and reconnected the Wyze “works with Google” integration.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Just checking if you recd any repsonses or solutions. I cant get Outdoor Cam on Google Home, my OG is fine. Is it because it has a separate base from the Wyze hub (but on the same network)? Or is there a way to add the Outdoor Cam to the Wyze Hub? Or should I discontinue this conversation, like Wyze discontinues hw and sw support when they want? Appreciate any suggestions

Crickets. Neither Google or Wyze seem to be interested in making this work.

wish i saw this thread before wasting $$ on wyze cameras