Wyze Cam V3 Not Working with Google Nest Hub


I have a Google Nest Hub that is connected to two Wyze Cam V3 with Firmware: In the app it says that the firmware is up to date and also my Wyze app is up to date.

I have no issues connecting via my phone app to the cameras. Originally I had no issues connecting and viewing video feeds via my Google Nest Hub as well.

But 2 days ago I updated my app/firmware and now my Google Home just says “Camera Feed Not Available”

-I tried both cameras on my Google nest - Nope
-Unlinked Wyze and re-linked in Google Home App - Nope
-Re-connect Wyze account to Google Home App - Nope
-Unplugged both Google Home + Wyze Cam’s - Also nope
-I tried to use the command “Resync devices” on Google Home - No issue syncing, but still does not work

Is there something else I am missing, or did something recently happen on the Wyze side?

As honestly I didnt change anything and the cameras just seemed to stop working. Quite annoying as I use this to watch my baby sleep sometimes.


I have the exact same issue. Only Cam3’s. Cam2 is still working with GNH.

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I have the same issue. My Pan Cam V2 is still showing on my Nest Hub, but my two Cam V3s, which use to show on my Nest Hub, no longer are. Recently bought a video doorbell and it has never worked on the Nest Hub, but I only added that recently and it a firmware update as soon as I set it up.

What is the fix for nest hub not working with wyze cam3?

Hey just jumping onto the thread for more visibility. These issues still occur as of firmware version, I’ve tried all of the steps above and I still could not get Google Nest Hub to work with the Wyze Cam V3.

My Cam v3s are now streaming to my nest hub again. The only thing that’s changed on my Wyze cam is that I set up a new rule to restart my cams every day at a set time.

Can’t say if anything has been updated on the Google Nest side.

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