Google Hub/Nest Hub Show Can't Stream v2 Cams: Camera feed is not available

I recently urgently needed to get some cameras in place so I cleaned out a local retailer of all their v2 Cams. The more I learned about Wyze and the integration options I was even more thrilled at my purchase and was ready to go all in. Before doing so I started a quick proof of value by picking up a few Google Hubs/Google Nest Hubs to use as camera streaming devices, but when I try to stream a camera the Google Hub/Nest Hub shows the loading circle then fails with “Camera feed is not available”. I can reproduce this at will with ease. Other streaming operations from the Google Hub/Nest Hub are ok and I can also view the stream on each camera from my mobile phone without issue. So far nothing I’ve tried has made this work consistently:

  • I’ve reconnected my Wyze account
  • Unlinked my Wyze account & relinked it
  • Restarted the Google Hub/Nest Hub
  • Restarted some Wyze Cams
  • Restarted the WiFi AP
  • Joined the Early Access/Beta program and upgraded the firmware on my cams
  • This is unlikely caused by a WiFi connectivity issue as the few other devices on the network are fine.
  • This is unlikely caused by an oversaturated WiFi network as there are very few nodes on the network.

Is this a known issue? Anything I can do to narrow the troubleshooting scope?

I’m beginning to wonder if the generation of Google Hub/Google Nest Hub has anything to do with it. For testing purposes I bought a Chromecast with Google TV yesterday and although it takes a bit for the stream to load, once it loads it streams just fine. It’s not an ideal setup because I’m looking for discreet devices, not a TV/monitor on the kitchen counter. The two Hubs I have are 1st gen’s, indicated by the GA00 model number on the box so I’m wondering if I’ll have better results with a 2nd gen. I’m definitely going to return these Hubs & I may grab some second gens for testing since they’re within $10 of each other.