Google Home/Assistant integration doesn’t work

I’m having problems getting my Wyze cameras working with da Google.

I can see my (v2, Doorbell, PamCam) in the WyzeApp. I added the Wyze integration and my cameras show up as devices in Google Home. When I click on each of them I get:

  • Doorbell is Offline
  • v2 gets an “unavailable” and “can’t reach this camera”
  • The PanCam gets an “unavailable” and “can’t reach this camera”

Offline? How do I bring it online?
What needs to happen on the other cameras?

If you’re on Android, updating your Google Home to the preview version should work.

But if you’re on iOS like me, the integration is not working yet…

Ugh, then they should not expose this feature until it’s ready. Wasting my time is not a way to endear customers.